March 23, 2023

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Laurens Sweeck is Leuven's only shirt holder: 'Flemish crosses remain important' |  Etheas Kroes

Laurens Sweeck is Leuven’s only shirt holder: ‘Flemish crosses remain important’ | Etheas Kroes

Another double weekend is planned, but it is already clear who will be the loser on the weekend. On Saturday in Leuven, Ethias Kroos has to compete with cyclo-cross in the World Cup on Sunday in Tabor (Czech Republic). Laurens Sweeck is the only big name in Leuven.

Ethias Cross in Leuven will not be able to boast a field of participants tomorrow. For men and women, the focus is clearly on the Czech lands for the next day.

Laurens Sweeck is the only big name out there who is venturing into the double digits. “For me, the World Cup classification is not a priority,” explains his presence in Leuven.

“I haven’t raced in the States either and I don’t have much to defend. In addition, many organizers put in a lot of effort to get a Belgian cross. The Cavalry belongs there and Leuven is also close to home. I almost rode for my people.”

Suek shows understanding to his colleagues. “It’s not an easy transition to Tabor,” says last year’s winner in Leuven.

“I myself will travel to Prague on Saturday evening. I will spend the night there and then drive to Tabor on Sunday morning.”

“Of course you’d be stronger without this movement. After Neil and Lovin, this will also be my third race in 4 days.”

“It’s tough anyway, but the World Cup is not a priority. I hope to come home with the win tomorrow and then the weekend will be reasonably successful.”

I will be traveling to Prague on Saturday evening. I spent the night there and then drove to line on Sunday morning.

Laurens Sweeck will travel from Leuven to Tabor tomorrow evening
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“This is how you remove the Belgian crosses on the Sabbath.”

A month ago, Swick deliberately left crosses in the United States to the left. “I just became a father and I’ve already made that choice before.”

“At the time of the intersections, I was also happy, because I did not immediately feel refreshed. Training in Spain was the right choice.”

The former Belgian champion outlines how the ultimate World Cup ability is causing a disruption in the circular calendar.

“They’re trying to balance the calendar a little bit, but that’s not really working at the moment. There are a lot of crosses in the World Cup, and also with long displacements.”

“That makes the combination difficult and then you have to choose. Several riders have gone for the World Cup, but this is how I got rid of the crosses on Saturday in Belgium and it remains important to our Flemish sponsors.”

They are trying to balance the calendar a bit, but it’s not really working at the moment.

Lauren Swick

“I don’t know how it will develop,” Swick says of the sensitive topic. “What if motocross is going to have to try to survive more? I hope it doesn’t go in that direction.”

“One must also stop talking about the absences of Wut van Aert and Matthew van der Poel.”

“As a rider, you can’t always be everywhere, but these stories scare people. Yesterday there were a lot of people at Neal and there was a fight. You’re going to get that anyway.”