February 6, 2023

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Leaked photos show British F-35 crash in the Mediterranean |  Abroad

Leaked photos show British F-35 crash in the Mediterranean | Abroad

Leaked images show a British F-35 aircraft carrier from the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth crashing into the Mediterranean. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot suddenly encountered problems. The plane itself ended up at sea, and fortunately the pilot was able to save himself with the ejection seat. Accident date from November 17 It is now under further investigation.


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11-29-21, 23:56

Sky News, Belga

Pictures indicate that the plane collided with the ship in the accident. A Royal Navy source says there are no fears of damage to the ship. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will return to Portsmouth in the coming days after seven months first flight to the Far East, after which it will be thoroughly investigated.

The investigation into what happened to the plane is still ongoing. Attempts were also made to find the device, but it is not yet clear whether they were successful. The Department of Defense wants to make sure that enemy forces do not have access to the technology on board the top-secret device.

The fact that no other combat aircraft were grounded after the accident indicates that the problem with the crashed plane is very specific and not a more general technical or mechanical defect. The plastic rain cover may have been sucked into the aircraft engine, causing a malfunction.

This is the UK’s first loss of one of its 24 F-35 fighter jets. There are now seven British F35s and ten American F35s on the carrier. British and American planes had been flying from HMS Queen Elizabeth in recent months to intercept the Russian planes.

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