June 2, 2023

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Lebron James’ 18-Year-Old Son Gets Bad Messages For Bringing White Girl To Prom | More sports

Many fans of LeBron James Jr., 18, the son of NBA legend LeBron James (38), showed off their youngest. Bruni has been inundated with racist and hateful messages because he went to a recent prom with a white woman as a date.

look. LeBron James is openly skeptical about his future in basketball

Broni James inherited his father’s basketball talent. He is considered a promising talent and will start his senior season at USC next year. He may then end up in the NBA draft for the 2024-2025 season.

But before his career really took off, Bruni first attended ball at Sierra Canyon High School in California. Bronny Peyton Gelfuso (19), according to the rumor mill, has taken his girlfriend for a while, and both his father LeBron and his mother Savannah have proudly shared some pictures of Bronny across their social media. “I have no words for this,” Savannah summed up.

The same can also be said of the many sharp reactions the young duo have had to take in recent days. Especially the fact that Bronny chose a white girl as his date, a lot of people don’t seem to like. “Bronny seems to like playing in the snow,” is a comment that comes back often under a picture of Bronny and Peyton. Others know for sure that early love is “fake”. “If you weren’t LeBron’s son, she wouldn’t notice you. Don’t get caught, kid,” he guaranteed. There has been no response from Brunei or his father to the many hate mails (yet).

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Fortunately, there are also many voices condemning the backlash. For example, the famous American straight viewer defended Bronny. “

It is LeBron James’ big dream to one day play in the NBA with his eldest son. That’s why many followers believe the remarks of the NBA’s all-time leading scorer – who hinted at his retirement from basketball earlier this week – were mainly out of sheer disappointment after being eliminated in the playoffs against the Denver Nuggets.

LeBron James and his wife have two children besides Broni: Bryce Maximus (15 years old) and Juri Nova (8).

LeBron James considers retiring from basketball after elimination in NBA playoffs: ‘You have a lot to think about’

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