February 8, 2023

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LG 34WP88C review: Productivity in a comfortable jacket

LG 34WP88C review: Productivity in a comfortable jacket

The flexible stand ensures the LG 34WP88C gets a positive report with the heel rising above the trench. An excellent device for developers, less so for graphic designers or video editors due to the poorly modified panel.

The screen always takes up a lot of space on your desk. Especially when your home office is rather compact, every square centimeter of space you can gain to work more comfortably matters. Perhaps the LG 34WP88C (€635 excluding VAT) is less convenient due to its large 34-inch 21:9 format, but the flexible feet in the form of an arc screen make up for it.

in our area LG 32UN880 review We have already been full of praise for Sagittarius. Fortunately, the formula for success hasn’t changed in the meantime. Before you get excited, we need to dot the i and cross the t. Not everyone has a compatible table you can install the brace on.

You need an open back so you can attach the clip to the top. Sometimes you have to get a little more creative because the metal frame of your desk gets in the way. We actually used an old deck of business cards to make our stand IKEA Picant Corner desks because the metal frame gets in the way.

Perfect monitor stand

Once installed, you’ll immediately notice how clean this setup is. You can handle all the cables in the arm so well you can see nothing at all. The height of the stand can also be adjusted. The lifting system can be operated with your finger and feels very sturdy. Thanks to the flexible hinges, you can use the screen in a variety of ways. The screen can only be rotated due to the 21:9 screen ratio.

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The height adjustability, double hinge and the LG 34WP88C’s limited angle (25°) tilt capability mean you no longer have an excuse not to take a comfortable position. Hence LG’s choice to include Ergo in the product name. Given the large 21:9 screen format that doesn’t fit in particularly everywhere, some extra flexibility is an important added value.

Admittedly, the monitor mount that mounts to your desk is not new and there are many parties today offering separate mounts for VESA-compatible monitors. However, we’re really excited about it because it’s the first time that the finish is very nice and elegant, including neat cable ducts and very smooth operation. You’re paying a pretty premium for it in this case, but those who like a minimalist design and want extra flexibility always pay a little extra. There is no other VESA mount on the market that can be operated with such flexibility.

If you still want to attach the monitor to an existing VESA bracket, you can use the extra mount in the box.

Connectivity and ease of use

There is no shortage of connectivity with the LG 34WP88C: 1x USB-C, 1x DisplayPort, 2x HDMI, 2x USB-A and 1 headphone jack. USB-C connectivity is compatible with both Thunderbolt devices and classic USB-C devices. The display provides 96 watts of charging power, which is more than enough for almost any laptop as long as it’s not a workstation. USB-A ports only provide 4.5W of charging power to charge peripherals.

The screen is controlled as with any LG monitor using the joystick located in the center at the bottom. This is by far the easiest process of all monitor manufacturers. Immediately feel the joystick, push in four directions and click centrally to confirm. Why not all monitor manufacturers use this method is still a mystery to us.

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There are two onboard speakers that do their best, but everyone knows what the sound quality of onboard speakers is usually like. The LG 34WP88C performs above average here because of the wide chassis.

Large color gamut, poor tuning

The base is the star of the show, but we must not forget the 34-inch curved screen (3440 x 1440 pixels, 60 Hz). With a decent color gamut (95% DCI-P3), you can create projections, but there’s no calibration report in the box. This is usually a bad sign for creative professionals.

Out of the box, we measure DeltaE 4.7 color balance and DeltaE 5.1 ​​for gray scale inside a Calman calibration suite. A number less than two is the minimum for working accurately with color. A more comprehensive analysis of more than 50 colors shows us a DeltaE value of just under 3.7. Contrast is somewhat limited at 882:1.

The color range within sRGB is 146 percent, which should be more than enough for an overall calibration towards professional quality. Unfortunately, we didn’t get more than a DeltaE of 4.7 for gray scale and identical color balance, despite an hour of tinkering.

too cold

Despite a claim of 95% DCI-P3 (our tests show up to 98%), you can’t choose a color profile in the monitor’s settings. Anyone testing a different screen mode in addition to the standard mode will always get a worse result than the standard setting. The default color temperature is disappointing: 7666K. If you want a balanced result, aim for 6500K.

In our measurements, we also see the RGB color stripes running next to each other rather than centrally everything. To get to 6500 K, we need to move red one point up, green one point down, and blue eight points. Anyone who thinks that everything is resolved after that must be disappointed. Color balance and gray scale remain high for creative professionals.

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Even for office work, we recommend manipulating color temperature. 7666K results in a very cold white, which is annoying.

Finally, we see HDR in the specifications list. This should be an HDR highlight, because with a measured maximum brightness of 348 cd/m², this panel simply isn’t bright enough to take advantage of HDR.


The LG 34WP88C (€635 excl. VAT) isn’t cheap. For that price tag, you get a USB-C display with better panel quality, but the flexible base has its added value. We admire the discreet finish and solid quality of the base, the extra space gained on your desk and the optimal ergonomic settings for perfect work.

The opposite is the screen, which disappoints in its adjustment. The palette has capabilities with a wide color gamut, but it just doesn’t deliver. Even for office work, make some changes to enjoy a better picture. The latter should not be allowed when buying a monitor in this price category.

Those willing to make the effort will get a decent screen in place, thanks mainly to the flexible screen bracket. Without that foot, we would have attached the screen, and now he’s making it over the trench with his heel.


  • Gorgeous screen arc
  • Perfect screen resolution of 21:9
  • USB-C with a charging capacity of 96 watts
  • Decent speakers for a projector


  • Bad default settings
  • Excellent unused color range
  • A USB-C cable is provided on the short side

Standard Warranty: 2 years collection and support.