May 29, 2023

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LibreOffice 7.4 provides users with more compatibility with Microsoft

LibreOffice 7.4 provides users with more compatibility with Microsoft

Document Foundation launched LibreOffice 7.4, with greater compatibility with Microsoft, which is naturally based on version 7.3.

So more than half a year after the 7.3 version, there is a file Custom version Available from open source software. Document Foundation enhances compatibility with Microsoft Office in version 7.4. This compatibility has always been the main stumbling block for users looking for an alternative to Microsoft. “Because Microsoft is still based on formats that have not been certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), this creates a lot of problems with LibreOffice, which respects those standards,” the developers said.

There are many Microsoft Office documents available that require an open source application solution. “We advise our users to regularly check for updates. Developments follow each other in quick succession, so that each new version contains many improvements compared to the previous version. This is the reason for this version 7.4”, the message continues.

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Enhanced Software

In addition to increased compatibility with Microsoft Office, the new version of LibreOffice also brings many software improvements. For example, the search field in Extension Manager has been modified. In Writer, users get, among other things, optimized operation of the footnote application. The calculation in turn provides 16,384-column worksheets, additional functions in the AutoSum drop-down list, and a new menu item for searches. Finally, there is new support for document themes within Impress.

in video The developers explain all the changes in detail. With the new features, the developers are aiming more at users who are used to working with MS Office. Especially for those who want to share documents with other MS Office users. Additionally, the TDF wants LibreOffice for Enterprises to be used to target businesses and organizations that want to disconnect with so-called vendor locks.

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Currently, many organizations still opt for the volunteer-driven version, rather than the optimized version supported by various ecosystem companies. The TDF concludes that “this could be an issue with the sustainability of LibreOffice, as it slows down its development”.