July 21, 2024

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Lifestyle changes are necessary to prevent heart failure in Schiedam and Vlardingen

Lifestyle changes are necessary to prevent heart failure in Schiedam and Vlardingen

Patients from Vlaardingen and Schiedam who suffer from heart failure regularly visit Franciscus Gasthuis in Rotterdam. Often without them knowing it or at a stage that is difficult to treat. That’s why the hospital has started a collaboration to conduct early research and can monitor or refer to lifestyle coaches.

“It’s important to draw attention to this,” says cardiologist Bas van Dalen. Research by the Dutch Heart Foundation shows that only one in five people know exactly what heart failure is. Van Dalen stresses the seriousness of the situation: “Heart failure is a condition in which the heart’s pumping function is no longer good, causing people to become tired more quickly or become short of breath, for example. We are seeing it more and more, and when patients get it it causes major problems and can even kill you.

It can be prevented

Lifestyle physician Ellen Rowett says heart failure can be prevented, provided you act quickly and address the underlying factors. “A poor lifestyle makes people suffer from heart failure. It is important that people organize their lives in a way that reduces the risk of heart failure as much as possible. According to lifestyle coach Evelyn Horkmans, this can be done by modifying the diet, exercising more and it is important Don’t go back to old patterns.

Examination in hospital

If patients believe they have conditions consistent with heart failure, they can have an examination in the hospital. “If we see any abnormalities, that’s a signal for us to intervene,” says Sandra Van Toorn, a heart failure nurse. However, Van Dalen hopes the focus will shift to prevention, with as many people as possible coming to lifestyle coaches and fewer people having to go to hospital.

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