October 5, 2022

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Like Dusk Falls Review, great start - these are the games

Like Dusk Falls Review, great start – these are the games

You have standard action games, but interactive adventure games are on the rise and often these games promise to deliver a very cool story. We’re starting to work on As Dusk Falls, a game based on making choices and that’s what drives the story. This story will stay with you, and it will gently swallow you up.

The game follows the story of two families over a period of time. At first they are mixed due to certain circumstances. Central themes are loyalty, betrayal, and perseverance. The story follows chronological order, although there are a few flashbacks forward and backward. But this way you always reach the most important moments. This approach works for this game, it gives you more connection to the characters you see and thus a better understanding of the story.

As mentioned, you as the player determine how and how the story is, you can do so by making choices in different dialogues. The results can have a big or small impact on the story. After each chapter, you will be explained exactly what options are available for influence and what other ways you should play it. For example, you could have certain scenes with multiple types of results. It challenges you to go back and play that scene again to see all the possible outcomes out there.

The game stands out instantly in its design and graphics, which is something I thought about at first, but then really started to appreciate it. You see it as an interactive movie with real characters. The game has good people and bad guys in its character models of course, but the nuances between those slowly fade away as the story progresses. It makes it more difficult to make a choice as you progress. It’s also about building some kind of bond with the characters.

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The gameplay of the game mainly revolves around choosing the right option in the various dialogues and actions, completing quick time events and exploring the environment through the well-known point and click system. On the Xbox, this system isn’t really watertight, because you’re turning on the cursor and it doesn’t move as smoothly with the console as it does with a mouse. It seems to be a lot heavier than what I’m used to using the pointer. The game may have been designed for a mouse or a touch screen, but it still works. It is also possible to download an app so that you can also use your phone as a controller.

The quick time events in As Dusk Falls give you as a player a chance to see how fast you can press the ram buttons or swipe in the right direction. It’s not too difficult, you have enough time. They work well and often add some extra flair to the game. If you miss one, the result is also different.

The sites actually work as standard, when it comes to searching and checking cabinets, windows, etc., complete the tasks you’ve been assigned to learn more about the story. Sometimes you come across something later that you’ve read about before. It can help you on your way.

In addition, the game really has a unique style, in which you will not see the characters as fully animated. It’s shown more steadily and digitally, so it’s more like opening a comic strip. Like I said, you have to get used to it. But once she catches you, you won’t let go.

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Something I really like about the game is that you can share the experience with friends. You can play the game together on the couch, where one controls a character using the controller and the other via the phone. This can be done locally or online.

In general, the game is a great, fantastic story and great appearance from the developer. The game invites you to play more and go back to those moments and relive them.