March 25, 2023

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#LikeMe buddies Lotte de Klerk and Francisco Schuster are a couple in the musical “Hairspray”

Lotte de Klerk and Francisco Schuster are sure to stick together. in #gay They have already given young people a lot of food for thought, and last month they were together at the headlines of the Flemish Week Against Bullying. And in their new successful musical project hair gel Topics such as body shaming and racism are central.

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Lotte plays Penny, Tracy’s overweight best friend. Well-bred Christian Bini falls in love with the black boy Seaweed, a role by Francisco Schuster. It wasn’t exactly easy for a promiscuous couple or a fat girl in 1960s America, the period in which the musical was set.

The role brings up many memories for Lotte. “I’ve watched the movie countless times, it’s part of my childhood. Like a little lute I was already shivering to the music of Hairspray. So it’s great and a great honor to be able to do it on stage myself and to be able to share it with so many people.”

Francisco Schuster is not inferior in enthusiasm. “I saw hair spray live, And I really think I wanted to play Seaweed someday, too. There is a lot of soul in that music, and a lot of colour. I’m actually happy when I think of all these soul songs and the fact that I can work with them in my black voice.”

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but Hairspray Just within a year. First, Lotte and Francisco can be seen as Emma and Yemi in the final episodes of #gaythe success of Ketnet with which they will also be at Sportpaleis in April.

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the musical Hairspray He is best known to the general public for the adaptation of the smash hit from 2007, starring John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Zac Efron, and Queen Latifah. Teen Tracy Turnblad dreams of being on The Corny Collins Show. However, she is rejected by the producer at the audition because she is obese. When TV host Cornie Collins gives her a chance, she becomes famous overnight. But for Tracy, getting her black friends on the show feels like a bridge too far in 1960s America.

Hairspray, from 15 March 2024 at Stadsschouwburg Antwerp, Capitole Ghent and Trixxo Theater Hasselt. Information: