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Lilacs are cut flowers, so you can keep them beautiful in a vase for longer

Lilacs are cut flowers, so you can keep them beautiful in a vase for longer

Lilacs are known for their clusters of beautiful flowers that spread a wonderful scent. Not only do they work well in the garden, but you can also enjoy them at home. We offer tips on how to keep lilacs in a vase as long as possible.

Lilacs in beautiful colors

When lilacs bloom in the garden in May or June, you can cut off some branches to place in a vase indoors. But they are also grown specifically as cut flowers. So, if you’d rather not get anything from your own shrub, you can also buy them from a flower shop. The bunches are available in white, pink, lilac, lilac and ‘blue’. If you are using bouquets from your own garden, cut them when most of the flowers are already in bloom. Preferably when the sun is not on the shrub to prevent wilting. And put them in water in the garden so that the bunches do not hang. To keep it in good condition for a long time, you can take different precautions.

Bright vase

The fewer bacteria that end up in the water, the longer your lilac will live. This starts with a clean vase. You can clean it with dishwashing liquid or treat it with cleaning vinegar. In a previous article, we provide more tips for a sparkling clean vase. Lilacs do not tolerate zinc, so do not use a zinc vase. The clear glass vase also has the advantage that you can monitor the water level. Then fill the vase 2/3 full with lukewarm water. Lilacs like a larger layer of water than other cut flowers and drink a lot. Add cut flower food to the water so the water stays clear and the flowers start well.


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Cut diagonally

To absorb enough water for large flower clusters, it is best to cut lilac stems at an angle with a sharp knife. Or cut the stems diagonally with special flower scissors. Then remove (a large portion) of the leaves from the stems, so as not to use water.

Purple in the sun

Keep your lilacs fresher longer

Do not place the vase in the sun, near a radiator or next to a fruit bowl. Gases from the fruit can cause lilacs to wilt more quickly. Fill the water a little every day and change it completely every 3 days. When changing flowers, immediately cut them diagonally again and then add some flower food. This way you can enjoy these beautiful spring flowers for longer.

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