October 3, 2023

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LinkedIn now also creates ads using AI

LinkedIn now also creates ads using AI

Repetitive tasks, making suggestions about your work and making edits: AI can do it all and this is beneficial for advertisers.

A few weeks ago, Meta announced that it was working on a generative AI application for the advertising world. Running such a system consists of switching a particular advertising campaign to a different target audience, without having to do anything. Four weeks after Facebook made its products available, it’s delivering, too linkedin familiar with such a system.

Currently, it is still a feature in the testing phase, and some North Americans could use it. Thus, AI for advertising on LinkedIn is not yet available to us. The system should help advertisers come up with better copy and make it more relevant to their target groups.

Anyone setting up a LinkedIn ad campaign already fills in a lot of data in Campaign Manager today. LinkedIn’s AI system will use all of this data to determine what the final cover text will look like. For this you only need to write a short piece of text that can appear below the ad. The Copy Suggestion creation function can simply be turned on using the slide switch in the Campaign Manager.

For LinkedIn, this isn’t the first time they’ve integrated artificial intelligence into the platform. Earlier this year, the platform actually welcomed a “conversation starter”. With that said, the platform allows the AI ​​to write the beginning of a collaborative post that other LinkedIn members can contribute to later.

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LinkedIn is a subsidiary of Microsoft, which maintains very close relations with OpenAI. So it’s no surprise that the LinkedIn platform is powered by OpenAI models.

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