May 30, 2023

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Lisa Filen and Mylese Brassart shine in fourth and fifth place at the European Gymnastics Championships | gymnastics EC

Lisa Filen (18) and Miles Brassart (21) performed admirably at the European Gymnastics Championships. The Belgian women placed fourth and fifth, respectively, in the all-around final. The gold medal was in Antalya (Tour) for leading lady and world champion Jesica Gadirova.

The all-around competition in gymnastics is a 4-part competition: vault, bars, beam, and floor.

Weissen excelled as always in jumping. She also finished the bridge and floor exercises well, only on beam the 18-year-old gymnast might miss some points.

With fourth place, Fillen scored a higher place than last year in Munich. This weekend she will compete in the vault and bridge finals.

Maellyse Brassart qualified 24th and last. In the final, the 21-year-old gymnast did significantly better.

Brassart scored well on vault, bars and beam. The floor exercise ran slightly lower compared to the women who finished it.

Jessica Gadirova (18 years old) took the gold. The world champion from Great Britain fared better than Hungarian gymnast Zsovia Kovacs and Alice D’Amato from Italy.

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European Gymnastics Championships 2023: Women’s All-Around Final Results
jump Bridge roadblock floor the total
1. Jessica Gadirova (GBR) 14100 13466 13533 13,933 55,032
2. Zsovia Kovacs (Hon) 14100 13700 13833 13266 54899
3. Alice D’Amato (ETA) 14,000 14400 13,000 13100 54,500
4. Lisa Fallen 14333 13700 12,933 13133 54,099
5. Melissa Brassart 13333 13666 13400 12466 52865

Watch: Lisa Filen and Miles Brassart’s 4 Workouts

Lisa Filen (4th): “I’m so happy”

“I’m really, really happy,” laughs Lisa Filen.

“I just beat my best, which was a lot of fun.” This is why we worked so hard for weeks and months. ”

A podium seemed to be on the horizon for a moment. “I heard I was second for a while, but I also knew a couple of the top guys were going to start. I wouldn’t have thought if another player went down,” she laughs, “but I just hope the best for everyone.”

Tomorrow Vaelen has a chance to win a medal on vault. She ranked fourth in qualifications. “I have a good feeling. I’m going to pop and give it my all,” she promises.

“I don’t want to think too much about this podium finish, but if I finished fourth again, I would be less than happy,” admits Failen.

Maellyse Brassart (5th place): “This is very good”

Maellyse Brassart also spoke to us with a wall-to-wall smile. “I am very happy,” gymnastics competition number 5 replies.

“I had a result in my head beforehand and I achieved it. I’m very happy with that. It motivates me for the next matches, especially for the World Cup in Antwerp.”

“The qualifications were hard for me, and I just couldn’t enjoy it,” says Brassart. “Well, I was very happy and enjoyed the gymnastics.”

“Hopefully there will be a few more medals for our team this weekend.” few? “Yes, a few,” Brassart laughs.

Nina Drewell is not at the European Championships. The Olympic champion on bars is sidelined with a shoulder injury.

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