October 3, 2023

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Live: A Group with Thomas de Gendt Speeds Away in a Treacherous Transition |  Critium du Dauphine 2023

Live: A Group with Thomas de Gendt Speeds Away in a Treacherous Transition | Critium du Dauphine 2023

Critérium du Dauphiné: Stage 5

road racing road racingsunny 26Celsiusdistance 191.1 how much
location 12:15: Cormoranche-sur-Saone – 16:38: Salines Le Ban

Until now159 km

    1. Niels Pollitt (gear)
    2. George Zimmerman (gear)
    3. Jonas Gregard (Pine tree)
    4. Thomas Degendt (communicate)
    5. Edvald Boasson Hagen (no)
    6. Leon Hinch (gear)
    The leading grouparrow circle

    1. Niels Pollitt (gear)
    2. George Zimmerman (gear)
    3. Jonas Gregard (Pine tree)
    4. Thomas Degendt (communicate)
    5. Edvald Boasson Hagen (no)
    6. Leon Hinch (gear)


The cards were shuffled for the first time after yesterday’s time trial. Conclusion on the horizon. On the day before the mountain trio, the peloton is offered another treacherous transition. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this page. At 3.25pm ​​you can watch live on VRT1 and stream live.

  1. It’s 12:55. I didn’t go to the max yesterday to get good legs today. It’s a tough final climb, but the final will have already begun before that. There are many question marks about who wants to command and control, but this is only beneficial for the Runaways. Thomas Degendt.
  2. 12h 49. Soudal – Quick Step also comes to lend a hand in the front columns of the peloton. Is Julian Alaphilippe seeking victory in the second stage? .
  3. 12:39 George Zimmerman (25). Georges Zimmermann (Inmarché-Circus-Wanty) is one of three Germans in the leading group. Before the ride he already indicated that he feels it is developing positively. “I feel my progress and I’m driving well in the Dauphiné at the moment. I’m looking forward to the rest of the week.” “Today’s stage looks good to me. The last climb suits me well. I’m excited and will try to slide.” Mission accomplished for Zimmerman. .
  4. 12 hours 38. The spread is growing and there are no losers in this leading group. The UAE is taking the lead and trying to maintain control. .
  5. It’s 12:33. Germany’s Niels Pollitt is 2’34” from Mikkel Bjerg in the standings. The chance that he will soon be riding in a (virtual) yellow jersey is realistic. & nbsp;
  6. 1 minute. The time difference increases for the six fugitives. Will they still have company? . 12 hours 27.
  7. 12 hours 26. Temporary Lead Group. The Six Temporary Refugees: Thomas de Gendt (Lotto-Destiny), Nils Pollitt (Bora-Hansgrohe), Georg Zimmermann (Intermarché-Circus-Wanty), Jonas Gregaard (Uno-X), Edvald Boasson Hagen (Total Energies) and Leon Heinschke (Team DSM). They have a 15-second lead on the peloton, but there are still many riders who also feel something for a day in the break. .
  8. 12:23 p.m. First noteworthy escape attempt. 6 contestants are trying to escape. Among them: Thomas de Gendt and Nils Pollitt. .
  9. The match started at 12h15
  10. 12:08 We’ll try to defend my shirt. I think today will be the last chance for the fugitives. Michael Berg.
  11. 11:47 a.m. I gave the unofficial start. We’ll start in a few minutes. .
  12. 11h44. Maybe the rating guys will try it on the final climb. It will depend on the refugee group. Guy Hindley (Bora Hansgrohe).
  13. 11 am 11. Candidates for the victory stage? Who are we looking at today for a potential stage win? If Vingegaard had set his sights on today, his name certainly should not be missing. Other ratings men like O’Connor, Yates, Martinez, Gaudu and Carapaz will have to too. Would they rather watch the cat from the tree for another day? Then we turn back to Alaphilippe, Ciccone, Bagioli, and Wright. Madouas and Tesfatsion also love theater like today. countrymen? Maxim van Giles had been making an impression for the whole week with two top 5 ratings. Can he do something better today? .
  14. 11 am 03. trail. Two-way transition. The riders’ bridge is 191 kilometers today. The first half is completely flat. The first climb awaits after 92 kilometers, of course. & nbsp; After a rolling pass with an average sprint, he rides the peloton twice on a local track. Every time climbing must be occupied. From the top of this last climb is still 15 kilometers to the finish. The last 6 slopes are steep. .
  15. 10:58 am Situational diagram. Mikel Berge impressively won the time trial yesterday and took the yellow jersey from Christophe Laporte. Big favorite Jonas Vingaard has done a good job with the ranking men. The first real chasers are Ben O’Connor and Adam Yates. They follow in at 29 and 45 seconds, respectively. Daniel Felipe Martinez and Guy Hindley are the only other GC guys currently under a minute behind Vingegaard. .
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