October 3, 2022

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Live broadcast: Isaac Kimelli cracks in 5000m final, Belgian sprinters die |  European Championships

Live broadcast: Isaac Kimelli cracks in 5000m final, Belgian sprinters die | European Championships

The second day of the European Athletics Championships in Munich was not a complete success for the Belgians. Dylan Burley and Cynthia Bolingo managed to qualify for the 400m final, but Kevin Burley was knocked out due to injury. It was also the end of the story for Camille Laus, Alexandre Dom, Michael Obasi, Elise Vanderelst, Vanessa Sterkandries, Remy Shinz and Tim Van de Velde.

The Belgians at the European Athletics Championships on August 16
Nils Petumphiles Decathlon: 110m hurdles 14″ 81 (arrangement: 12)
Michael Obasowicz 110m Hurdles Series 13″ 90 (17, out)
Nils Petumphiles Decathlon: discus 46.77 m (ranking: eleventh)
Elise Vanderlust sets 1500 m 4’07” 62 (17, out)
Nils Petumphiles Decathlon: pole vault 4.70 m (Position: 12)
Remy chains 3000m blocker series 9’21” 85 (31, out)
Tim Van de Velde 3000m blocker series 8’38” 23 (17, out)
Vanessa Sterkunders Hammer Throwing Qualifications 66.95 m (18, outside)
Dylan Burley Semi-finals 400m 45″ 67 (tenths to Fahrenheit)
Kevin Burley Semi-finals 400m DNF (out)
Alexander Dom Semi-finals 400m 45″ 77 (13, out)
Cynthia Bolingo Semi-finals 400m 50″ 83 (sixth, to Fahrenheit)
Camille Los Semi-finals 400m 54″ 28 (24, out)
Nils Petumphiles Decathlon: javelin throwing 56m30 (ranking: 12)
Thomas Carmoy High jump qualifications 2 m 21 (I to F)
Kobe Fliminx 100m semi-finals 10″ 34 (seventh, out)
Rani Roses 100m semi-finals 11″ 53 (sixth, out)
dolphin nekansa 100m semi-finals 11″ 39 (fourth, outside)
9.08 pm Isaac Kimlik 5000m final
Michael Summers 5000m final
9.35 pm Nils Petumphiles Decathlon: 1500m

  1. 9:35 p.m. It’s time for Deca. Switzerland’s top talent Simon Emer will be the pioneer in the 1500m, but German Niklas Kohl, third at the moment, is an excellent sprinter in the 1500m and could knock Emmer off the throne, commentator Mark Willems knows. .
  2. 9:30 PM What’s on tonight’s show? The men’s long jump final is now in full swing. There, Greek Tentoglou has the best jump at the moment with a championship record: 8m52. The women’s discus final is also underway. Legend Sandra Berkowitz, a two-time Olympic and world champion, is currently topping the list with a 65m-77 throw. Decathlon is also in apotheosis tonight. Nils Betumphiles enters the final 1500m in twelfth place. The men’s 100m final will be completed at 10.15pm, followed five minutes later by the women’s 100m final. .
  3. 21 hours 25. Ingebrigtsen dominates at 5,000m, and Kimeli cracks on the last lap.

    The Ingebrigts dominate at 5,000 metres, and Kimeli cracks in the final round

  4. 9 p.m. 23. Favorite Ingbrigtsen took the gold, and Kimelle still failed completely. It looked equally good for Isaac Kimelli, but the race lasted one lap too long for our compatriot. There was no problem up front again against Jacob Ingbrijtsen. The now world champion also won the European title after a duel with Spaniard Cater. Bronze went to the Italian Crippa. Kimeli ended up only 11th, which is a small disappointment. Somers is twenty-third. .
  5. 21 hours 22. One lap from the end, Kimeli stumbled, medal chances were missed. .
  6. 9 p.m. 22. 2 more laps, Kimeli still vying for the medal. The role may not be released now. .
  7. 21:00. 21. In three and a half laps from the end, Ingebrigtsen speeds up, with Kimeli in his tracks. Can he surprise our compatriot with a medal? We are approaching the end of 5000 metres. .
  8. 9 p.m. 20. The speed is not high, so more athletes will play in the slot. Meanwhile, Kimeli is very far from being able to absorb attacks in advance. Four more rounds. .
  9. 21:00. 16. Britain’s Butchart leads the pack, after Ingbrigtsen poked his nose in the window for a while. Kimeli is in gear up front, around fifth. It looks like Somers is already having a rough time, he’s hanging by his tail. .
  10. 9 p.m. 07. Kimeli and Somers in the 5000m final. With Isaac Kimeli and Michael Sommers, the next two Belgians are ready. Kimeli is getting a lot of trend attention in Munich. It doesn’t make sense, because our compatriot had the third best European time in the 5000m this year. The best thing about gold is, of course, the Jacob Ingebrigitsen phenomenon. .
  11. 9:05pm Nkansa: “I made some mistakes, but now I’m ready for the 200m.”

    Nkansa: “I made mistakes but now I’m ready for the 200m”

  12. 9 p.m. 03. Roseus: “I am very proud of myself.”

    Roseus: ‘I’m very proud of myself’

  13. 21 hours. Delphine Nekansa finished fourth in the semi-finals for 100 metres.

    Delphine Nekansa ran to fourth in the 100m semi-finals

  14. 8 p.m. 57. Also kansa outside. The third semi-final turned out to be the fastest of the evening. Nkansa starts poorly, but can make up for a lot of meters in the end. In the end she finished fourth with a time of 11″ 39. She’s dead too, but like Roseus she will still play later in this championship in the 4x100m.
  15. 8:55 p.m. It’s up to Delphine Nkansa in a moment. If she could run close to her PR, it wouldn’t be impossible to imagine the final. .
  16. 20:50 Rani Roseus is sixth in the 100m semi-finals.

    Rani Roseus is sixth in the semi-finals in the 100 metres

  17. 8 p.m. 49. Roseus is out. Favorite Dina Asher-Smith, the former world 200-meter champion and vice world champion in the 100-meter, won her second semi-final smoothly, although her 11″ 15 time isn’t an impressive one. Rosius finished penultimate in an 11″ 53 moderate. Tournament on it as expected. .
  18. 20 hours 45. Vleminckx: “I still have to get the perfect course together.”

    Vleminckx: ‘I still have to get the perfect race together’

  19. It’s eight in the evening. 44. The women’s semi-finals began. Rosius starts in the second race and Nkansa in the third. Getting a place in the final might be a ruse for them, maybe Nkansa is dreaming about after her good time in the series. .
  20. 8 p.m. Kobe Flemings out of the semi-finals of the 100 meters race.

    Kobe Flemings is out of the 100m semi-finals

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