December 6, 2022

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Live broadcast: Willen beats goalkeeper Kortrijk in the lead |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Live broadcast: Willen beats goalkeeper Kortrijk in the lead | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 27′ – Yellow – Gil Vossen
  2. 25′ – Goal – Habib Keita (1-0)
  3. 23′ – Yellow – Dorian Dessole
  4. 5′ – Yellow – Tsuyoshi Watanabe
  5. 4′ – Yellow – Lasse Vigen Christensen

Derby day! Between two western Flemish teams they might have imagined the start of the competition differently. Kortrijk (15th) fights to not sink into the swamp of the drop. The nearest Zolt Wargem suffers at the bottom. The vault game is scheduled for 4 pm today.

  1. First half, minute 44. 2′ extra. Goes back to Soleimani. It is again between the lines. We get two more minutes of extra time. .
  2. The first half, the 42nd minute. The match was stopped for a while because Soleimani was lying on the grass. Not very good for a Kortrijk tastemaker. & nbsp; .
  3. First half, minute 37. Jelle Vossen tries to shoot a hard ball in one go. His shot flies high and far. .
  4. First half, minute 33. 1-1 out of the line! The scores were roughly equal. Vadera can hit the ball over Ilic, but is assisted by the goalkeeper Watanabe. The Japanese keep the shot off the goal line. Kortrijk survived. .
  5. The first half, minute 32. Lamkel Zee challenges the visitors. In his own half, he wants to empty his bag with heels in a few seconds instead of just playing the ball. & nbsp; .
  6. Yellow card for Gil Vossen van Zolt and Arghem during the first half, 27th minute
  7. A goal during the first half, 25th minute by Habib Keita of KV Kortrijk. 1, 0.
  8. First half, minute 24.
  9. The first half, minute 24. Unfortunately, he extends the ball to his own goal! The roof is blowing off at Guldenspoor Stadium. D’Haene rolls a beautiful cross in front of goal and is looking for Keita. However, it is Willen who outshines his guard. Strong damper for defender. & nbsp; .
  10. First half, minute 23. Tampedo takes the next free kick. It poses no danger to Elek who can easily catch the ball. & nbsp; .
  11. Yellow card for Dorian Dessoleil of KV Kortrijk during the first half, minute 23
  12. First half, minute 22. Vossen meets Dessoleil in a duel and must recover from this. Did defender Kortrijk Vossen hit his arm in the face? He actually got a yellow card that was shoved from under his nose. & nbsp; .
  13. The first half, 16th minute. Vadera was hindered by the sun. Suddenly, a huge opportunity falls from the sky for visitors. Fadera could click on the second column, but the sun blinded him. chance gone. & nbsp; .
  14. First half, minute 14. Zolt Vargem also puts his nose on the window. Vossen’s shot nearly disappeared into the net, but Elek could still put his hand against it. & nbsp; .
  15. First half, minute 13. Kortrijk is the most dangerous team. Tanaka is now flogged. The ball disappears at a corner kick through Mirushi’s feet. & nbsp; .
  16. Boston pushes the ball against the post. The first target hazard is real and is immediately life threatening. Postin could still push Avenatti’s shot against the post. The price was approx. & nbsp; . First half, minute 9.
  17. Yellow card for KV Kortrijk’s Tsuyoshi Watanabe during the first half, minute 5
  18. First half, minute 4. There is a second yellow card. Now it is Watanabe who enters the brochure. If this pace is maintained, we will definitely not end up with 22. & nbsp; .
  19. Yellow card for Lasse Vigen Christensen from Zulte Waregem during the first half, minute 4
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