October 5, 2022

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LIVE: David Goffin and Cam Nouri battle it out in five sets to reach the semi-finals |  Wimbledon

LIVE: David Goffin and Cam Nouri battle it out in five sets to reach the semi-finals | Wimbledon

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Cameron Norrie 12Crown9

Today David Goffin could become the first Belgian player in a Grand Slam semi-final since Xavier Malles in 2002. To do so, he has to work his way past home player Cam Nouri at Wimbledon. Watch the match closely here from 4.45pm.

  1. 7 pm 36. With a missed shot, Nuri Goffin donated the first match of the fifth set. Meanwhile, the setting sun also plays its role, although gradually the entire path is already shrouded in shadow. †
  2. 7 p.m. 33. We get the fifth set. Nuri does what needs to be done and ends the group with his own send. A bitter pill for Goffin, who often had the best of both worlds in gaming. Our compatriot must turn the switch quickly, because now is the time for money. †
  3. 7 p.m. 27. Nori with a golden break. An eighth game with a bit of drama. Goffin seems to finish the match, but the challenge from Nouri decides otherwise. Nouri eagerly teases the crowd to send Goffin’s second, and he’s not very athletic. Goffin then earns a few more chances, and Nuri eventually takes the loot. 5-3 to Nuri, he can serve the group now. †
  4. 7 pm 26.
  5. 7 p.m. 16. Under the guidance of Kate Middleton and Prince William, Nouri continues to fight. The Briton is consolidating himself and the crowd once again, he has to skip Goffin’s serve. †
  6. 7:13 p.m. Nuri tries to push Goffin away, but our compatriot defends superbly at times and maintains control. 3-3. †
  7. 7 PM 04. At the moment, the two players don’t concede anything in the fourth set: 2-2. Who makes mistakes first? †
  8. 7 pm 02.
  9. 6 pm 56. Tension is high on the court 1. Nouri and Goffin are keeping their cool for the time being and are both relegated on their first serve match. †
  10. 6:45 PM Goffin needs another set! It’s starting to look better and better for David Goffin. With a simple tackle, he takes the third set. Our compatriot needs another set to become the first male Belgian player since Xavier Malisse in the semi-finals of a Grand Slam tournament in 2002. †
  11. 6 pm. 42. Take a break, take a break. Nuri can’t get fixed in his game. After struggling to get a break from Goffin, he immediately gave up on the serve game. Goffin is allowed to serve in the group. †
  12. 6 pm 39. Nouri takes one break. Nuri is still alive in the third set and makes up for a break on Goffin, who remains one. The level on both sides remains high. †
  13. 6:35 p.m. Goffin shouldn’t go wrong with this group. But we know it can turn very quickly. Dirk Jerlot on Radio 1.
  14. 6 PM 33. Nouri’s answer is worth it. With a love game on his storage space, he’s bringing some life back to the brewery. The Briton has yet to climb a hard mountain to keep the third set alive, but it looks like a lot is possible in this open game. †
  15. 6 p.m. 31. Goffin confirms his break and comes 4-0. The British audience at Court 1 haven’t been able to cheer for a while, so will Nouri change that soon? †
  16. 6 p.m. 28. Guffin has a double break. Nouri seems to have lost her for a moment. With a break on love, Goffin puts the British kiwi on a double break. Now our compatriot has to move on. †
  17. 18h 23. Goffin starts with a set break 3. Goffin doesn’t let losing the set get to his heart and immediately gives Nuri a break. & nbsp; †
  18. 6 pm 19.
  19. 6 pm 18. Nouri retracts and wins set 2. With another match, Goffin gives up the second set. Nouri pushed our compatriot away with some sharp backhands and then finished well. 7-5, return everything in this match. †
  20. 6:15 p.m. Nouri pumps herself again. With an empty match, he again presses Goffin, who once again has to maintain his serving style. †
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