October 3, 2023

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Live: Elise Mertens can count on her great defense and takes the first set against Russia’s Pavlyuchenkova |  Roland Garros 2023

Live: Elise Mertens can count on her great defense and takes the first set against Russia’s Pavlyuchenkova | Roland Garros 2023

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (255)
Elise Mertens (28And Crown28)initiative

Elise Mertens could qualify for the quarterfinals of Roland Garros for the first time in her career. She will compete in the fourth round against Russia’s Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (WTA 333), a finalist two years ago in Paris. Catch the match live here with a message from 11am.

  1. 12 hours 34. 3-4. Mertens is behind for the first time in this match. Pavlyuchenkova makes it 4-3 and starts playing better and better. & nbsp; Pavlyuchenkova’s clenched fist. Will this be a turning point or will the Belgian continue her momentum in Group 1? Mertens’ next service game will be very important. .
  2. 12 p.m. 32.3-3. After a double fault by Mertens, Pavlyuchenkova makes it 0-40. With one of the first good blows of the match, the Russian takes the break. & nbsp; .
  3. 12 pm 19.2 – 3. The wind favors Mertens. & nbsp; Pavyuchenkova thinks a high ball is out from Mertens, but he’s still full on the line. & nbsp; Pavlyuchenkova then struggles again to overcome a 0-40 deficit on the board. The Russian still had problems with Mertens’ high balls. She doesn’t know how to smash the ball away and for Mertens that’s the point. & nbsp; After another great defensive work and nice variations from Mertens, I was able to force more relief opportunities. But the Russians are fighting back with some good points. & nbsp; After a long serving game, Pavlyuchenkova won. Can you take heart from this? .
  4. 12pm 15. 1-3: Mertens’ Love Game. What a different world with her first serve in this collection. After three great serves, she finishes brilliantly. & nbsp; .
  5. 12 noon 10.1-2. Mertens’ defense is incredible, as she turned an impossible point in her favour. & nbsp; After a strong comeback, the ratio is between 0-40 for the Belgian. & nbsp; Mertens plays the most consistent game of the two players on the field which pays off. & nbsp; .
  6. At 12 noon 09.1-1. After three double faults on her service game, Pavlochenkova immediately cleared the lead. & nbsp; .
  7. It’s 12 noon 05. The wind is playing tricks on the players. & nbsp; Pavlyuchenkova’s aggressive play did not happen due to the strong wind. & nbsp; Mertens then hits a double fault because she can’t see the lines properly because of the blown gravel. & nbsp; .
  8. 12 o’clock . 0-1: Mertens broke straight away. Mertens lunges in the second set. Her defense remains very strong. & nbsp; The same tactic is often used: after a powerful blow from the Russian, Mertens hits the ball high into the court. Pavluchenkova always fails to put those balls away, due in part to the wind, and Mertens fights the rally every time. & nbsp; .
  9. 11:59 am Will Pavluchenkova find a solution to Mertens’s very strong play in the second set? .
  10. 11×56.3-6: Mertens’ first set is strong. Mertens starts her serve game powerfully with a header. A very uncomfortable double fault for the Belgian. Fortunately for Mertens, Pavluchenkova also feels the pressure and makes two direct mistakes. & nbsp; the demon & nbsp; Pavluchenkova exclaims: Stop for the Russian! After a powerful serve through the middle, Mertens activates. & nbsp; At set point #2, Mertens hits the mark and takes the first set 3-6. Hard work from Belgium. .
  11. 11 a.m. 45. 3-5. Pavlyuchenkova knows she has to hit the ball harder to beat Mertens and she does. She won her service game with a powerful serve. Mertens may now serve the group under pressure. .
  12. 11 a.m. 40. 2-5. Mertens is trailing 30-0 after some wrong decisions in her service game. But with a sweet spot along the line and a solid serve, you’re back at 30-40. Lots of pressure on Mertens, but she managed to keep the break. & nbsp; .
  13. 11:33.2-4: Pavlyuchenkova’s first service match. Mertens continues to defend smoothly. Pavlyuchenkova plays aggressively, but Mertens manages to return an incredible number of balls. With a beautiful return and a nice variation on the net, she makes Pavlyuchenkova suspicious. However, the Russian is aggressively taking the game. This will activate it. .
  14. 11h30.1-4. Mertens can confirm her break. With the support of the audience, she continued to maintain her high level. & nbsp; .
  15. 11 a.m. 27.1-3. Pavlyuchenkova cannot confirm her break. She made some mistakes and this is how Mertens can take the serve game. & nbsp; .
  16. 11 a.m. 21. Re-break: 1-2. Pavlyuchenkova resists. With her powerful blows, she pushed Mertens to the defense. & nbsp; .
  17. 11 a.m. 5 p.m. Break: 0-2 Mertens. A strong defensive game from Mertens! Pavlyuchenkova tries to take the lead, but the visibly strong Mertens cleverly takes over from the Russian. The Belgian expects a good shot at 15-40 and finishes it well. & nbsp; .
  18. 11 a.m. 13.0-1 Mertens. Elise Mertens wins her first match. & nbsp; & nbsp; Pavlyuchenkova starts well with some aggressive shooting. But after a 15-30 deficit, Mertens is struggling. .
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