March 28, 2023

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Live: Eupen immediately puts Standard behind first goal opportunity | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 11′ – Goal – Regan Charles Cook (0-1)

The standard seeks rehabilitation. For losing 4-1 last week in Antwerp and for losing 2-0 in Eupen from the first leg. Eupen boosted confidence with a late 1-1 against the OHL, but didn’t play against Genk last week due to snow. Catch the opening match of Day 23 here or on Radio 1.

  1. First half, minute 19. Ohio shows his good footing, but after his excellent dribbling, a sensational shot follows. The standard has to settle into a different barrel. .
  2. First half, 16th minute. There is a pitumazzala again! The winger glides smoothly past the balequecha and can swing, but his center ball is very central. Standard shake. .
  3. First half, minute 15. Standard’s answer is weak. Zinckernagel gets time to swing, but his slider can’t be bothered by Moser. .
  4. First half, min. 14. The Standard must be careful not to hurt themselves now. Immediately after 0-1, Bitumazala can hack the sixteen again, but without consequences. .
  5. First half, minute 12.
  6. First half, 11th minute. Eupen strikes right away! Boudart looks around in disbelief, but 0-1 is definitely hanging on the ropes. Christy Davies still kicks the record-breaking goalkeeper after a good two-footer with Bayi, but his well-followed Charles Cook just has to take advantage of the rebound. .
  7. First half goal, 11th minute by Regan Charles Cook from Kas Eupen. 0, 1.
  8. First half, min. 9. It’s a bit of a back-and-forth game. There was a fire in the stands, but there was not yet one on the field. Bert Stricks on Radio 1.
  9. First half, min. 6.
  10. First half, min. 5. The criterion is there for the first time. Dunum can throw the ball dangerously in front of goal from the left flank, but Moser is alert. .
  11. First half, third minute. Eupen is eager and applies a lot of pressure in the opening stage. Both teams don’t shy away from duels – as might be expected. .
  12. 1st half, min 1. The ball is rolling! We left for the hopefully fiery Liège derby. .
  13. 1st half, minute 1 the match started
  14. In advance, at 8:46 p.m., the boisterous spur of the Liege supporters shrouded the stadium in a thin layer of fog. Referee Nathan Verbomen has to delay the kick-off for a while. .
  15. In advance, at 20:43. The players are now ready on the field. We’ll get started in a moment. .
  16. In advance, 20:41.
  17. In advance, at 8.40 pm, it’s cold in Liege. Mercury denotes 3 degrees. Thus, the stadium is not full for this Liège derby, but there is no shortage of atmosphere. Roach’s steel heart tries to warm itself on a powerful source of Bengal fire. .
  18. In advance, at 20:31. Looks like Dosen will stay with us. And this is good news. . Record coach Ronnie Della.
  19. A standard favourite, also according to the numbers. There is no doubt that Standard is the favorite tonight. Moreover, the numbers also speak in favor of the roach. Standard and Eupen do not have such a long mutual history, having only played against each other 15 times in the top flight. Standard won 9 times, Eupen 3 times and 3 times the points were shared. In the first round of this season, Eubin was able to beat his compatriot. Ten man East Cantoners won 2-0 at the start of November. So Sclessin hopes for revenge. . In advance, at 8:20 p.m.
  20. In advance, at 7:59 p.m., three changes in Eupen. Last week, Eupen managed to run down a point thief in Den Drive. A boost, though once again the game wasn’t that much. Against compatriot Standard, the Pandas once again face a tough task tonight. However, the visitors – 15th in the standings – desperately need points in the battle for relegation. The coach is still changing his team in three positions compared to last week. Lambert, Jigo and Nuhu have disappeared from the starting line-up and Davidson, Paye and Charles Cook are their replacements. .
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