March 28, 2023

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Live: Genk’s dream start, Seraeng quickly chase after Onuachu’s penalty Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 14′ – Goal – Mike Tresor (2-0)
  2. 6′ – Penalty kick – Paul Onuacho (1-0)

Commander against the Red Lantern. Tonight Racing Genk will host Seraing at Cegeka Arena. Limburg fans expect a goal-rich evening, or can Seraing surprise? Catch it live at 9 p.m.

  1. A goal in the first half, the 14th minute, by Mike Tresor of KRC Genk. 2, 0.
  2. First half, eighth minute. Not exactly the scenario Seraing had hoped for. The game plan should really change. Genk seems to be pressing on the spot and looking for a double lead. .
  3. First half, min. 7.
  4. Goal after a penalty kick during the first half, minute 6 from Paul Onuachu of KRC Genk. 1, 0.
  5. First half, min. 6. Onuachu does not fail. The opening goal is there! Onuacho kicked the ball through the middle of the goal flawlessly. .
  6. First half, min. 5. Penalty kick! Ay ai, Seraing. The ball hit the spot after five minutes. Mvoue taps Heynen’s ankle and the ball lands irrevocably on the spot. .
  7. First half, third minute. Genk can sometimes drop points, but against this Seraing this should not be allowed. Steve Winants.
  8. First half, second minute. Seraeng’s intentions are immediately apparent. The team breaks down completely and keeps spaces as small as possible. .
  9. 1st half, minute 1 the match started
  10. First half, 9:01 p.m. Here we go. The referee whistles De Kremer to start the match. .
  11. In advance, at 20:46. Games like today are definitely not easy. Seraing isn’t a bad team on the go. Wouter Franken (Genk coach).
  12. Advance 8:45 p.m. our plan? We have to focus on the organization and not be afraid to play football ourselves. Jean-Sebastien Legros (Seraing coach).
  13. In advance, at 8:22 pm, in the first round, Genk won easily at Seraing Stadium. The score then became 0-4 with Tresor scoring two goals and an assist. Will things go smoothly tonight? .
  14. Advance at 20:06 .. something good in the arrangement? Genk can do something good tonight Antwerp didn’t get past the tie any more than Anderlecht this afternoon, so Genk could extend the gap in third place to twelve points. On top of that, Wouter Vranken’s men also played one game less. & nbsp; Al-Ittihad won their game this weekend and thus remain in the footsteps of Genk in second place. & nbsp; .
  15. by 11:47 a.m. With 15 out of 66, Seraing is gradually reaching its last chances if it wants to survive in the top flight this season. The gap with fifteenth in the standings, Yubin, five points. & nbsp; An unexpected victory in the field of Commander Genk could herald the beginning of the Remontada journey of the people of Liège. Or do you not believe in fairy tales? .
  16. before 11:46 a.m. David versus Goliath. Commander Genk receives the Tail Seraing team. On paper, that argument appears to have been settled in advance, although Genk’s rhythm may have been somewhat broken by last week’s timeout in Eupen. & nbsp; .
  17. before 11:45 a.m
  18. Set up by KRC Genk. Martin Vandevoordt, Daniel Muñoz, Mark McKenzie, Carlos Cuesta, Gerardo Arteaga, Brian Heinen, Bilal Al Khananos, Patrick Hrosovsky, Joseph Paintsil, Paul Onuacho and Mike Tresor
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