June 10, 2023

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LIVE GP Denain: Leading group of 3 Belgians and Niki Terpstra have 4 minutes, first cobblestones after 100 km |  GB Denin 2022

LIVE GP Denain: Leading group of 3 Belgians and Niki Terpstra have 4 minutes, first cobblestones after 100 km | GB Denin 2022

    1. Nikki TerpstraM
    2. Flores de TerBEL
    3. Emile VermeulenBEL
    4. Yuan PilotFR
    5. Milan FrittenBEL
    Leading group

    1. Nikki TerpstraM
    2. Flores de TerBEL
    3. Emile VermeulenBEL
    4. Yuan PilotFR
    5. Milan FrittenBEL


The cobbled classics – Ronde van Vlaanderen and Paris-Roubaix – are for April, but GP Denain is the perfect taste. Today’s riders will cover 200 kilometers, of which 20 kilometers will be cobblestones. Last year, Jasper Philipsen sprinted to victory. We follow the French session closely from 11 am.

  1. 12 noon 58. The great van der Paul in 2019. Last year Jasper Philipsen sprinted towards victory, but in 2019 Matthew van der Paul completed an impressive solo performance. In 2020 there was no GP Deain. Van der Poel often rocked the tree in version 61, but only in the last cobbled section did he hit another 2 from the wheel. 9 kilometers from the finish he took off and the Dutchman single-handedly took the win. Our compatriot Timothy Dupont became third. †
  2. 12 hours 49. Leading group extends the lead. Terpstra & amp; Share 5 minutes on peloton. & nbsp; †
  3. 12:45 Milan Fritten (Sport-Valander-Balois) is the youngest rider in the leading group at 20 years old. Nikki Terpstra (TotalEnergies) is 37 years old and has years of experience in professional peloton. Cobbled classics – the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix – shine on his palms. & nbsp; †
  4. 3’30”. The leading group should have surrendered in a few seconds. The five fugitives still had 3’30”. † 12 h 39.
  5. 12 noon 31. Jasper Philipsen ruled last year. Jasper Philipsen sprinted to victory last year. Refugees Michal Kwiatkowski, Stan DeWolf and Clement Davy hoped for success, but were arrested before the end. The path was open to runners and Philipsen took his chance. The Alpecin-Fenix ​​rider beat Jordi Meeus and Ben Swift. †
  6. 12 hours 25. After 50 kilometers of the race the lead group has a gap of 4’20”. The peloton leaves the starting point for now. At 58 kilometers the riders will start in the first cobbled section of the day, Haspres-Thiant. & nbsp; .
  7. 12 noon 11. Overview of the leading group of 5 people: Nikki Terpstra (TotalEnergies) Floris De Tier (Alpecin-Fenix) Milan Fretin (Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise) Emiel Vermeulen (Go Sport – Roubaix Lille Métropole) Yoann Paillot (St Michel – Auber93).
  8. 12:00 noon 05. Leading group of 3 Belgians and terpstra. Floris De Tier (Alpecin-Fenix) leads towards the leading group. The 5 leaders are ahead by 4 minutes. †
  9. The time is 12:00. Honor Roll GP Denain. GP Denain’s Honor Roll in the last 10 years: 2021: Jasper Philipsen 2020: no edition 2019: Mathieu van der Poel 2018: Kenny Dehaes 2017: Arnaud Démare 2016: Daniel McLay 2015: Nacer Bouhanni 2014: Nacer Bouhanni 2013: Arnaud Demare 2012 : Juan Jose Haido.
  10. 11 hours 55. The Roglic, Vinggaard and Felipe Martinez riders round at the start. Some of the notable participants made an appearance at the start of today’s GP Denain. Round riders Primoz Roglic and Jonas Weinggaard will be present at Jumbo-Visma. Daniel Felipe Martinez is part of today’s Ineos squad. It’s no surprise that these three riders are venturing out to ride on cobblestones today. In the Tour there is a cobbled stage this year. Roglic, Vinggaard and Felipe Martinez test the French cobblestones at the Dinan Grand Prix with the aim of the Tour. & nbsp; †
  11. 11:00 50. Terpstra joins in the Secession. Niki Terpstra (TotalEnergies) is part of the early voyage. The Belgian is also part of the leading group. Aaron Verwilst (Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise) gives the early stages of GP Denain a Belgian touch. & nbsp; †
  12. 11:00 46. The peloton is late. They’re giving the front runners some space for now. †
  13. 11 a.m. 43. De Thiers is looking for a relationship with the four frontrunners. He still has 3 minutes to make up, but he has 1 minute in the can. †
  14. 11 am 41. The level is looking for a connection. Floris De Tier (Alpecin-Fenix) Do Hunt & nbsp; †
  15. 11 a.m. 41. 4 riders leave the group behind and have made good progress for 4 minutes. & nbsp; †
  16. 11 am 31. At the moment we are waiting for a group of refugees. After 15 kilometers of the race, the peloton is still complete. †
  17. 11:00 18. Don’t sit still in the peloton. Attempts to attack are not imminent, but no one can really escape at the moment. †
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