October 6, 2022

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LIVE: In sunny Tournai, the riders start the Franco-Belge circuit |  Franco Belge 2022

LIVE: In sunny Tournai, the riders start the Franco-Belge circuit | Franco Belge 2022

Franco Bilge

road racing road racingdistance: after 176 how much
your location 1:00 pm: Tournai 17:00: La Louviere

Until now161 km

The race is happening again in our country. The riders will travel from Tournai to La Louviere for the 81st edition of Circuit de France – Belge. In recent years the race has ended quickly, but due to the change of course the last laps were dotted with slopes. Perfect for discoveries by Benjamin Germay or Arnaud de Lee, or will the runner be the first to cross the line? Catch it live here with updates and from 3.15pm with the live stream.

  1. 13 hours 16. The riders are now officially starting, as they will have to take the first slope: Le Bourliquet in less than 10 kilometres. .
  2. 13 hours 04 the match started
  3. 12 noon 33. Start at 1 pm, arrive around 5 pm. The 139 participants will start in less than half an hour. With two climbs in the preliminary stage, it comes down to the intermediate race at Licensing to La Louviere. About 100 km from the finish, they begin the 20-kilometer local laps, which they repeat 4 more times. The last mile has a 3.2 percent gradient. It is expected to arrive around 5 pm. & nbsp; .
  4. 12 noon 18. A tough competition for defending champion Jacobsen. Last year, Fabio Jacobsen won the semi-classic Hino. At the time, the race was still finished in Tournai, with this version replacing the start and finish places with La Louvière. Which leads to the final where the local laps are severely chopped up by the slopes. It remains to be seen if another runner will raise his arms around 5 p.m. & nbsp; In this scenario, in addition to Jacobsen, Arnaud de Ley, Caleb Ewan, Alexander Kristof, Benyam Jermay, Brian Cocard, Edward Theon, Giacomo Nizzolo, Dries de Bondt and Timothy Dupont will compete. .
  5. It’s 12 noon 10.
  6. It’s 12 noon 05.
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