December 7, 2023

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Live: Is Iserbyt giving herself an extra birthday present in Ruddervoorde?  |  Super Prestige 2021

Live: Is Iserbyt giving herself an extra birthday present in Ruddervoorde? | Super Prestige 2021

    1. Elie Esserbit (cute – good)
    2. Quentin Hermans (cute – good)
    Leading group

    1. Elie Esserbit (cute – good)
    2. Quentin Hermans (cute – good)
    1. Lauren Swick (cute – good)
    2. Lars van der Haar (Ned)

    1. Lauren Swick (cute – good)
    2. Lars van der Haar (Ned)


At Ruddervoorde, we’ll see how well the cyclists absorbed the fatigue of the American ride. Toon Aerts defends his leadership position in Superprestige. Follow the Men’s Cross from 3pm with text updates.

  1. 15 hours 28. Esserbit is hanging on a stretcher. In the technical sections, he is always riding a few meters away. The European champion must find places where he can hurt Hermann in turn. .
  2. 15 hours 27. In the fourth round, Swick and van der Haar had to give up a lot of time. They’ve been smeared for 23 seconds now and look like they have to contend with Toon Aerts for third place in Ruddervoorde. & nbsp; .
  3. 15 hours 26. Hermans is slightly ahead of Esserbit on the washboard. Tormans CX leaders don’t need much to keep going. Esserbit has to bite his teeth to peck. & nbsp; .
  4. 15 hours 24. Two fights. In the fourth round, the match falls into the fold. It looks like Quentin Hermans and Eli Esserbet are fighting to win. Iserbyt forces Hermans into the lead and picks the position at the wheel. .
  5. 3 p.m. 23. “They’re not with us,” says commentator Paul Hriggers. Soek and van der Haar will struggle to close the 9-second difference. .
  6. 15h 20. Quentin Hermans shows his form in the sand and forces Esserbet to overtake again. The European Champion will be challenged at the start of the fourth round. In the pursuit, Soek and van der Haar join forces: they are nine.”
  7. 3 p.m. 17. Ardooie winner Lawrence Swick chases down his leader, Eli Esserbet. The European champion slipped again with Quentin Hermanns. .
  8. 3 p.m. 14. Sandbar. The sand will determine a lot today. Toon Aerts turns a leading duo into a trio. Van der Haar, Vandebusch and Soek follow in just 4-5 seconds. .
  9. Three o’clock in the afternoon 12. Esprit and Hermans. Once again, the two powerful powers of the United States are drifting together in Ruddervoorde. Quentin Hermans sets a fast tempo, and Eserbet breathes from his neck. Toon Aerts is trying to join in the rear. Van der Haar and Van der Haar are not far away either. .
  10. 3 p.m. 10. Quentin Hermans unleashed and a distance from the Esprit. Victory in Fayetteville leaves you wanting more. .
  11. 15h 08. Toon Airs, which has already been dumped into the sand during the warm-up period, move on. It’s almost with the Iserbyt-Hermans-Van der Haar trio. .
  12. It’s 3 p.m. 07. Vandbosch is the first to cross the line. He follows Iserbyt at 4m with Van der Haar and Hermans at his wheel. & nbsp; .
  13. It’s 3 p.m. 07. Vandbosch is at ease and takes his teammate Esserbitt in tow. Van der Haar bit Iserbyt from the back of the neck in the sandy area. .
  14. It’s 3 p.m. 05. Quentin Hermans wasn’t too upset about his second-grade start. He is already in fifth place. Meanwhile, Lars van der Haar is trying to bridge the gap with Iserbyt and Vandebosch. .
  15. 3 p.m. 04 Ton Vandebosch sticks his nose in the window. Teammate Eli Iserbyt is off to a great start and can get a taste of the lead. & nbsp; .
  16. 3 p.m. 02. Iserbyt immediately takes charge and sets the pace. Lars van der Haar and Ton Aerts are fine. & nbsp; .
  17. 15 hours 01 the match started
  18. 2 pm 58. No Quinten Hermans on the first row of the grid. Quentin Hermans arrived too late in Ruderford which broke the Tormans CX rider. It may not start in the first row of the grid. “I will do my best and hopefully be on the podium,” he says. .
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