December 8, 2022

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LIVE: Jens Reynders' adventure ends at the last climb, the peloton races across the plains towards Frankfurt |  Eschborn - Frankfurt 2022

LIVE: Jens Reynders’ adventure ends at the last climb, the peloton races across the plains towards Frankfurt | Eschborn – Frankfurt 2022

Eschborn – Frankfurt

12:24 PM: Ashburn 4.22 pm: Frankfurt

distance31 km

On May Day, runners celebrate in Eschborn-Frankfurt. In the previous version, Jasper Philipsen (Alpecin-Fenix) was the best. Will he also pull the paper today, or can record holder Alexander Kristof beat the young Belgian? Continue the course from 12.15 pm.

  1. 4 p.m. 07. The peloton sucks again! The fourth pass on the Mammolshain does not result in any major fractures. The peloton starts from the flat kilometers around Frankfurt in mass. †
  2. The last ascent. The genus of reindeer started as leader in the last Mammolshine. The gap with the peloton is 14 seconds, which would not be enough to survive the climb. † 16 hours.
  3. 15 Hours 53. There are Jennies again! Like the devil outside the box! Jens Reynders still had to dump on Mammolshain, but on the Belgian’s descent from Sport Vlaanderen it shows his race is far from over. Go right above the leaders. †
  4. 15 inch margin for theons. The trio with Theon is just 15 seconds ahead of Peloton, with Intermarche-Wante-Joubert taking the lead once again.. 15h49.
  5. 15 hours 44.
  6. 15:43. Jens Reynders (Sport Valander) and Cyril Desalles (Bingual) can’t keep up. Edward Theon is located between Roach and Roland. †
  7. Does Mammolshine (3) cause re-aggregation? The top runners climb Mammolshine for the third time. The peloton picks up speed again and puts the five into his sights again. † 15 h 41.
  8. 3 pm 39. Besides finishing fifth in the Scheldeprijs, Edward Theon (Trek) has yet to finish 10th this season. In today’s “classic runner,” the Belgian is taking a different path. †
  9. 15 hours 27. Edward Theon also drowns. Edward Theon leads with Jens Reynders in his wake towards the duo in the lead. Cériel Desal (Bingoal) also does the crossing. The result: 3 Belgians in a leading group of 5.
  10. 15 hours 24. Jonas Roach (EF) sinks towards Pierre Rolland. The German hits the French player on the back and immediately takes his head. †
  11. 15 hours 23. For Pierre Rolland, this season has not been so memorable so far. His best order came in & nbsp; Classic Grand Besançon-Doubs, where the B&B rider occupied B Center 13. Today it provides a great service to patrons. †
  12. 15 hours 20. Bora and the UAE find the enthusiasm interesting and let the Frenchman drive for half a minute. With 70 kilometers to go, it still looks like a cat bird. †
  13. Roland alone on Ruppertshain. The second section Ruppertshain also means the final stop for Johan Meens. Belgian Pierre Rolland drives off the wheel and remains the only one ahead of Peloton. † 3 PM 14.
  14. 3 p.m. 05. Pierre Roland and Johann Mainz have not yet satiated their hunger to attack. With a few average sprints, the Frenchman from B& B 10 seconds before the peloton. Mainz has been using his rear wheel to drive in the photo for a while. †
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