December 6, 2022

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LIVE: Jonas van de Sten (MH4) just left, Hordies (MH1) win gold and Celine (MT2) silver |  Cycling

LIVE: Jonas van de Sten (MH4) just left, Hordies (MH1) win gold and Celine (MT2) silver | Cycling

Vromant, Thomas-Goeman and Clincke added three medals to the Belgian counter.

Under the Ostend sun, first Ewood Froman (gold), then Milan Thomas Jonas Gaumann (bronze) and finally Louis Klink (bronze) took home three new Paralympic medals in Belgium on the second day of testing. The counter now stands at five for the Belgium Paralympic team.

The first Belgians to take action on day two of the World Cup were in Ostend-Tebode Thomann, and a few moments later also Ewood Froman, in the time trial for the MC2 class riders.

He was eager to start his season and did so with flying colors: Ewoud Vromant took gold with a best time of 26’45” 402 with an average of 45.75 km/h driving like a race car over the Ostend track.

His rival, Frenchman Alexandre Lyot, had to be content with the silver, Briton Matthew Robertson completed the podium. Tibod Thoman was fifteen.

In the women’s class, Nancy Williams finished ninth in the WC2 class.

The men’s tandem opened the afternoon sessions. Belgium is represented by Milan Thomas and his driver Jonas Gaumann (MB), and both gentlemen performed excellently. They rode to third and thus achieved their first podium finish in a UCI World Cup race.

The competition was won by European champion Bangma-Bos (NED), followed by vice Paralympic champion Ter Schure-Fransen (NED).

Dedrick Ambe (16th), Nils Verschaeren (17th) and Kane rode in the C5 class
De Feyter (19th) Great experience along Zeedijk.

Louis Clincke was strong in the MC4 time trial: he came in third, and he was very handsome.
Achievement after a long period of setbacks.

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In the men’s MC3 competition, Raphael Legros and Jan Visser took 20th and 22nd places respectively.

Griet Hoet and its pilot Anneleen Monsieur (WB) were the last riders to start on this second day of competition in Ostend. Tandem was eager to extend last year’s title, but were stranded 10 seconds off the podium.

At the MotoGP World Cup in Ostend, Tim Sellin (MT2) was first
The Belgian came into effect on a time trial.

After fighting for 20 kilometers, Celine – third in that number at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games – came in second with a time of 0:33:41.309.

The victory went to American Dennis Connors (USA). The bronze medal went to Germany’s Maximilian Jäger.

With Celine’s silver, the first medal for Paralympic team Belgium was taken.

Several Belgians got to work in the afternoon session. Jonas van de Sten finished a handsome fourth in the MH4 manual rider class.

First place went to Gert Schipper (NED). In the same season, Steve Keepins ranked 26th and Mehdi Oueslati ranked 27th.

In the MH3 class, Jean-Francois Deberghe took 12th place, and Stav Mertens, Christophe Van Looy and Jerome Waters finished 38th, 39th and 41st, respectively.

In the WH3 class, Laurence VandeVyver rode to eighth, and the victory went to German Annika Zeyen. And in the MH2 class, Christoph Hendrik took seventh place.

To get the best result, we had to wait for the last athlete: biker Maxime Hordies won the MH1 class. He won the gold medal, ahead of his competitor and world champion, Fabrizio Cornigliani.

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Nice end to a successful first day for Paralympics Team Belgium at the Paracycling World Cup in Ostend with two medals already on the counter.

Temperature: 14-15 degrees

cloud cover: no

Wind direction: W from the sea towards Middelkerke