June 8, 2023

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LIVE: Julian Wattrain lost the last card in the 400m hurdles, so does Philip Milanoff qualify for the final discus?  |  World Athletics Championships

LIVE: Julian Wattrain lost the last card in the 400m hurdles, so does Philip Milanoff qualify for the final discus? | World Athletics Championships

Four Belgians are taking part tonight at the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene. Philip Milanoff has to work in the discus qualifying, Julian Wattrain runs the semi-finals of the 400m hurdles and Navi Thiam and Noor Wiedets still have the 200m in the heptathlon. In addition, there are also 4 finals on the list, with the women’s 100m as the final number. Enough to experience. You can watch it all here from 2 a.m. on the live stream or on One.

The Belgians on the third day
hour m / f discipline Noun result
3.15 pm M marathon Bashir Abdic Third
Lahcen Bouchikhi a task
Thomas de Bock 30
7:35 pm Fifth Heptathlon: 100m hurdles Nafie Thiamy 5e
Norwegian Fedet the fourth
8.05 pm M 400 AD: Series Dylan Burley Second
Kevin Burley the fourth
Alexander Dom Third
8.35 pm Fifth Heptathlon: High Jump Nafie Thiamy the first
Norwegian Fedet VI
It’s 21.00 Fifth 400 AD: Series Camille Los VI
Naomi van den Brock seventh
10 pm M 10000m: Final Isaac Kimlik The tenth
10.35 pm Fifth Septal: Shot put Nafie Thiamy Second
Norwegian Fedet Third
3:03 am M 400m Hurdles: Semi-finals Julian Waterrin Third (49″ 52) – out
3:30 AM M Discus throw: Group B qualifying Philip Milanov
03.38 am Fifth Hept: 200 meters Nafie Thiamy
Norwegian Fedet

  1. 04 hours 16. Ngut leads the dance. As expected, in the Pole Vault Final we get into an exciting battle between Americans Katie Ngot and Sandy Morris. Ngot is leading the dance at the moment. She cut over 4.85 meters on her first try. Morris needed two tries. .
  2. 03 h 36. What does Thiam and Fedetz do in the 200m? In the heptathlon there is still one item on the menu today: the 200 metres. Thiam has to start working first, then it’s up to Vidts. Follow it all in the live stream above or with text updates on the page below. .
  3. 03 hour 36.
  4. 03 hours 34. An American shot puts success again? Chase Eli gave the US the gold medal in the women’s shot yesterday. It’s up to Ryan Crozier to do the same for the guys now. The American is a two-time Olympic champion and world record holder, but the world title is still missing in his palms. Three years ago in Doha, he had to leave the gold medal to his arch rival and compatriot Joe Kovacs by just a centimeter. Will Crozier, unbeaten this season, fill the void in his record today? .
  5. It’s 03:30. Julian Wattrain misses the final card in the 400m hurdles.

    Julian Wattrain misses final ticket in 400m hurdles

  6. 03 hour 23. Warholm and his fingers in his nose. Karsten Warholm has no problems. The Norwegian wins third and last in the semi-finals of the 400-meter hurdles with ease at 48″ 00. And Frenchman Wilfried Happio is second at 48″ 14 to reach the final. & nbsp; .
  7. 03 hours 14. Get out of Waterin. In the second semi-final of the 400 metres, the run was much faster which is bad news for Julian Wattrain. Brazilian Alison dos Santos wins at 47″ 85, ahead of Trevor Bassett at 48″ 17. Also, third and fourth, respectively Rasmus Magee and Karl Bengström, timed faster than Watrin’s 49″ 52. So Wattrin is out, but he can look at Back to the excellent performance.
  8. 03 hours 08. In any case, his World Cup was a success, whether or not there was a place in the final for Watrin. Mark Williams.
  9. 03 hr 04. Not just for Watrine! Great match for Julian Wattrain, but he ended up in third place with 49″ 52. Our compatriot was second in the last straight streak for the final direct ticket, but then hit the ninth and tenth hurdles hard, and was overtaken by Jamaican Jhel Hyde, the victory was for American Ray Benjamin in 48:44 Watrine should hope he’s still going through with his best losing times.
  10. 02 p. 57. Tough competition for WTrn. For Julian Wattrain, the countdown has gradually begun to the semi-finals in the 400m hurdles. Yesterday he quickly finished second behind Carsten Warholm in his series. Tonight he avoids the Norwegian phenomenon, but with Yasmane Kopelo, Ray Benjamin and Kieron McMaster, among others, the competition is particularly tough in the semi-finals. Only the top 2 of each match and the top two losing time advance to the final. For Watrin, this would be nothing less than a stunt. .
  11. 02 h 56. The best losing times come from the second semi-final. This means that Melissa Jefferson and Mujinja Kampunge could also take part in the final later tonight. .
  12. 02 hours 53. Fraser-Price to the final with ease. After a lot of delay, the last semi-final could start again. Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce shows her experience and won in 10″ 93, without much effort. Second final ticket to American Alia Hobbs in 10″ 95. .
  13. 02:51 Time. A violent protest against TyNia Gaither after a false start in the 100m semi-final.

    Violent protest against TyNia Gaither after a false start in the semi-finals

  14. At 2:30 another false start. There is also a false start in the third semi-final! The unlucky one is TyNia Gaither from the Bahamas and she doesn’t get it at all. “I didn’t move,” she says. An official leads her to the computer to show the false start, but Gaither continues to protest. It doesn’t help, she has to drain. .
  15. 2 a.m. 44. No problems for Thompson-Herah. In the second semi-final also, Jamaican won. Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herrah finished 10th with a 10″ 82nd, and Marie-Jose Ta Lo finished second with 10″ 87s. American Melissa Jefferson and Switzerland’s Mujinja Kamponge currently have the best losing times in third and fourth, with one series remaining. .
  16. 02:35 Jackson and Asher-Smith advance. Don’t let Sherica Jackson and Dina Asher-Smith get a false start off their feet. Chirica rushes to win in 10:84, and Asher-Smith sets up Chrono from 10:89. The top two of each semi-final advance to the final, along with the two best losses. .
  17. It’s 02:35. False start. Not a flawless start to the first semi-final at 100 metres. Julian Alfred kicks off the first blocks too early and gets the red card. .
  18. 02 hours 28. Predicted names in the final 100m? It’s time for the women’s 100m semi-finals. Jamaican trio Fraser Price, Hera Thompson and Jackson are sure to get a ticket to the final without incident. European champion Asher Smith, who took silver at the previous World Cup in Doha, can feel good about his place in the final. Same story for Marie-José Ta Lo, the bronze medalist in Doha. .
  19. 2 am 25. Allen is not convinced. He got off to a slow start, but Devon Allen eventually managed to qualify for the 110m hurdles final. Second in the semi-finals, Olympic champion Hansel Barschmann was a little faster. Allen is the third American in the final, alongside Grant Holloway and Trey Cunningham. Will we soon get an American podium, just like the 100m? .
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