February 6, 2023

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LIVE: Kortrijk and Mechelen head into extra time in the rain | Sketch Cup 2022/2023

  1. 33′ – Yellow – Joey’s Sweetheart
  1. 84′ – Yellow – Jannes van Hecke
  2. 81′ – continued Habib Joy by Martin Regali
  3. 69′ – continued Jonas Maled by author Janice Van Heck
  4. 65′ – Yellow – Martin Wasinski
  5. 59′ – Habib Keita continued to Martin Wasinski
  6. 50′ – Yellow – Rob Shoffs

KV Kortrijk and KV Mechelen are both clubs with a cup tradition, but don’t they have other cats to flog due to their shaky position in the Jupiler Pro League? Catch the match between KVs on this page tonight at 6.30pm from 7pm also on Radio 1.

  1. Yellow card for Jannes van Hecke of KV Mechelen during the second half, 84th minute
  2. Second half, min. 81. KV Kortrijk substituted in, Martin Regali in, Habib Gueye out
  3. Second half, 78th minute. The level of play dropped dramatically – partly due to the weather. Will we have another winner in 90 minutes or will we go into extra time? .
  4. Second half, 76th minute. It’s constantly raining here. At target mouths it becomes a mud puddle. Eddie Botteldoorn on Radio 1.
  5. Second half, 72nd minute.
  6. Second half, min. 69. Schoofs comes up again with a shot, but Vandenberg really shouldn’t get tired. .
  7. Second half, min. 69. Substitution at KV Mechelen, Jannes van Hecke in, Yonas Malede
  8. Second half, 67th minute. Bruno kick! Bruno – again – gets close to goal again. With an amazing bicycle kick, he kicks the ball towards the top left corner and eventually saves a good meter. .
  9. Second half, min. 65. We’re now over the hour mark in this game, but we haven’t had any scoring chances in a while. Will both teams save for the final stage? .
  10. Yellow card for Martin Wasinski of KV Kortrijk during the second half, minute 65
  11. Second half, minute 63. Loncar breaks Mechelen’s counter, but Vergoote lets play continue. A little later, the referee returned to the stage and pushed a yellow card under the gaze of the Bosnian. .
  12. Second half, 63rd minute.
  13. Second half, min. 59. Does the weather also play a role in this cup match? Heavy rain is falling over the Golden Spurs stadium and the wind is blowing hard. .
  14. Second half, minute 59. Substitution at KV Kortrijk, Martin Wasinski entered, Habib Keita came on.
  15. Second half, 54th minute. Mechelen has the momentum now. Schoofs hooks a ball into Storm’s pipe, but Vandenberghe has his little fingers and slams the ball away from the KVM striker’s nose. .
  16. Second half, 51st minute. There is Mechelen for the first time in the second half. Da Cruz could kick after a good combination, but his shot missed the frame by a meter or two. .
  17. Yellow card for Rob Schoffs from KV Mechelen during the second half, minute 50
  18. Theulen keeps Bruno from 1-0. Bruno, the most dangerous man in the home team, cleverly slips into the sixteen between two Mechelen defenders. The winger can also shoot well, but Theulen takes the ball out of his cage. Sych’s criticism goes wild. . Second half, 47th minute.
  19. Second half, minute 46. Here we go again. We’re on our way again in this quarter-final. An early goal in this second half can add extra power to this game. .
  20. Second half, 46th minute, the game started
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