December 6, 2022

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LIVE: Nadal wins exhausting first set after tiebreak, can Zverev provide an answer?  † Roland Garros

LIVE: Nadal wins exhausting first set after tiebreak, can Zverev provide an answer? † Roland Garros

Rafael Nadal 5Crown5


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Rafael Nadal (ATP-5) is the uncrowned clay king. In Paris this year, he’s looking forward to an unexpected fourteenth overall victory. In the previous round, Novak Djokovic was put aside after a thrilling fight. Is he also now putting Alexander Zverev (ATP-3) above his knee? Follow the party with updates.

  1. 5 pm 57. Nadal finally won his first serve match in the second set. Nadal finally managed to win another service game. He needed 6 serving matches in the second set. 5-5 as we approach the 3 hour mark. & nbsp; †
  2. 17:47. The match could go in any direction. The question is: Will Nadal, who is struggling with his foot, be physically fit when he goes 1-1? † Dirk Jerlot on Radio 1.
  3. 17h 44. Discussion between referee and Zverev. Little turmoil at the court of Philippe Chartier. The referee thought he had heard an insult from the mouth of a frustrated Zverev who had missed his dispatch. The German calls to order, but Zverev denies this in all languages. He speaks briefly with the referee and defends himself: “I did not say that, ask me in the future!” †
  4. 17h 36. The hit: Nadal has yet to win with his serve in the second set. Of the 7 matches, only Zverev was able to keep his serve once. Nadal passes Zverev’s serve again and comes in at 3-4. & nbsp; †
  5. 17h 34. Zverev makes his mark in Group 2. He plays high-quality tennis. Alexander Zverev presses and ends two games on Nadal, breaking the Spaniard for the third time. 2-4 for the Germans! †
  6. 17h 19. Zverev is the first player to win a service match in this group. He made 2-3 after an 8-minute game. & nbsp; †
  7. 17 hours 18. After 2 hours and 12 minutes it is 2-2 in the second set. & nbsp; †
  8. 5:02 PM Nadal breaks again after a long rise. The group currently only calculates breakpoints. After Zverev’s break, Nadal can drag himself again during his opponent’s match. Although it was after a long and exhausting career of 44 knockouts. †
  9. 16h 51. Note: The first set between Nadal and Zverev lasted longer than the semi-finals with women’s Coco Gauff and Iga Swiatek. They qualified easily in just over an hour for the Roland Garros final, which takes place tomorrow at 3pm. Follow the live broadcast on Radio 1 or with updates on †
  10. 4 pm 47. Nadal immediately breaks Zverev in the second set. All hands on deck for Zverev at once! Nadal continues his momentum and breaks the German’s serve: 1-0 in the second set. & nbsp; †
  11. 16h 37. Nadal still scored the longest finish in Group 1! The first set lasted 91 minutes. A tough start in which Nadal can finally run in the first set. He struggled his way back in the tiebreak and eventually managed to capitalize on his third set point: 8-10 in the tiebreak, 7-6 in the first set, 1-0 in the semifinals for Rafael Nadal. & nbsp; †
  12. 4 p.m. 33. Suddenly it’s set for Nadal! Zverev does not fall into the trap and does not allow himself to be afraid. We’ll go to 7-7. †
  13. 4 PM 27. Nice ball keeps Nadal upright! Zverev pushes Nadal to the limit but he can’t reward his four points. Nadal is all over the field, hitting a delicious ball across the field that’s elusive for Zverev. Nadal returns to 6-6! & nbsp; †
  14. 4 pm 26. The best hand in the tiebreak is by Alexander Zverev. The German plays a great tiebreak and finishes 2-6. & nbsp; †
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