December 7, 2023

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LIVE: Racing Genk plays Zulte Waregem in a heap, Vossen saves honor |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

LIVE: Racing Genk plays Zulte Waregem in a heap, Vossen saves honor | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 45 + 1′ – Goal – Christian Thorstedt (0-2)
  2. 43′ – Jill – Patrick Hrosovsky
  3. 34′ – Yellow – Lorenz de Bock
  4. 25′ – Yellow – Christian Thorstvedt
  5. 13′ – Doelpunt – Junya Ito (0-1)
  1. 63′ – Goal – Gil Vossen (1-5)
  2. 63′ – Verve. Christian Thorstedt by Mike Tresor
  3. 54′ – Goal – John Lokumi (0-5)
  4. 52′ – Goal – Brian Heinen (0-4)
  5. 47′ – Goal – Paul Onwacho (0-3)

The cup snack you may have tasted in Genk, in competition it’s still red for a limburger after 0 out of 9. Will Genk find a way out of the valley at Zolte Wargem field? Watch the Rainbow Stadium match live here from 13:30.

  1. A goal during the second half, the 63rd minute from Geli Vossen from Zolt Wargem. 15th.
  2. The second half, the 63rd minute. Vossen saves honor! Jelly Vossen makes it 1-5 against his former club. Domby scores his ninth assist of the season, Vossen chasing the ball into the top corner simultaneously. A very nice goal, but it doesn’t make them too happy in Zolteh Vargem. .
  3. The second half, the 63rd minute. Substitution in KRC Genk, and entered Mike Tresor, Christian Thorstedt.
  4. The second half, the 62nd minute. John van den Brum sees the sky clear again. Bert Strix on Radio 1.
  5. The second half, the 60th minute. Genk shows a little sympathy for the home team and continues to attack. After a corner kick, Hrosovsky tried from afar, right at Busot. .
  6. The second half, the 58th minute. We still had more than half an hour to play, but all the tensions disappeared from the match. It is now important for Zolt Vargem to avoid an even worse punishment. .
  7. Second half, 55th minute.
  8. A goal during the second half, the 54th minute from John Lokomi (KRC Genk) player. 0.5
  9. Second half, minute 53. There are forfait numbers already! Aye, Zolt Vargym. After barely 8 minutes into the second half, the forfait numbers are already on the board. Thorstvedt heads a corner into the post, and Lucumi pushes on the counter. .
  10. Second half, 53rd minute.
  11. A goal during the second half, the 52nd minute, by Brian Heinen (KRC Genk). 0, 4.
  12. Second half, minute 52. Heinen adds one more. It’s starting to hurt Zolt Vargem. Eto’o returns back to the base of Genk’s attack, via Paintsil, the ball reaches Heynen, who pulls the trigger at close range: 0-4. .
  13. Second half, 47th minute.
  14. A goal during the second half, the 47th minute, by Paul Onwacho, player of KRC Genk. 0, 3.
  15. The second half, the 47th minute. Now hit Unwacho’s mark! For the third time lucky for Unwacho! After two defeats in the first half, he is now improving his untenable ball against the ropes. Once again Ito who offers help. For Onwacho, this is the first goal in over a month. .
  16. The second half, the 46th minute. The second half. The host team started the second half with a new name between the lines. Doumbia came to replace Sisako. .
  17. The second half, the 46th minute, the match started
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