November 29, 2022

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live ukraine war  An American and a Briton were killed in a battle against the Russian army - Biden requests an additional 33 billion from Congress |  Ukraine and Russia war

live ukraine war Russia confirms its attack with precision weapons during Guterres’ visit – “Russia temporarily halts its ground offensive in Donbass” | Ukraine and Russia war

• The United Nations says Attempt to evacuate from Mariupol to prepare. In a new video message from the besieged steel mill, the second man of the Azov Battalion talks about new heavy attacks. Thus, Russia becomes “A Huge quantity of phosphorous bombsused. These bombs are prohibited.

• The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has Share photos of 10 Russian soldiers He is suspected of being responsible for the massacre that took place in the Ukrainian city of Butia in March. Kyiv already has more than 8000 probable war crimes cases identified since the Russian invasion. This was announced by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General on Thursday.

• Russian forces owned them The speed of their attacks in eastern Ukraine increased significantly, says the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army. According to the army command, the Russians will launch massive attacks from all sides and shoot at targets.

• Despite closing the gas tap to Poland, the country continues to buy Russian gas, but via Germany. Sergei Koprijanov, a spokesman for the Russian gas giant Gazprom, said.

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