October 1, 2022

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LIVE Vuelta: Spain's entry into the Basque Country, a tough end for the perforators |  Vuelta a Espana 2022

LIVE Vuelta: Spain’s entry into the Basque Country, a tough end for the perforators | Vuelta a Espana 2022

Vuelta a España: Stage 4

road racing road racingSunny 27Celsiusdistance: after 152.5 how much
your location 13:53: Vitoria-Justice 17:30: LaGuardia

Until now146 km

    1. Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz)
    2. Alessandro de Marchic (ITA)
    Leading grouparrow circle

    1. Alexey Lutsenko (Kaz)
    2. Alessandro de Marchic (ITA)


The move took place from Holland to Spain, specifically the Basque Country. Today, the Peloton gets a short 152km off-wheel drive with a fairly flat ride, but then 100km of slopes with Class II and III shafts all the way. In total there are 2,300 vertical meters, the last 800 meters rise sharply by about 10 percent. Catch the course here from the start at 1.50pm, starting at 3.50pm we’ll be there in One and live.

  1. 2 p.m. 04. The King of the Mountain Julius van den Berg showed interest with Jitsi Paul and Xapir Azbarin, but they were called up again. & nbsp; .
  2. 14 hours. Alexei Lutsenko (Astana) and Alessandro De Marchi (Israel-Premier Tech) are early birds, but the peloton has not yet agreed. & nbsp; .
  3. 13 hours 56. After the return of two missing peloton tails, the cycle began. The first 60 kilometers is less favorable for modeling a lead group than the rest of this stage. & nbsp; .
  4. 13 hours 52. With the red jerseys Edoardo Affini in the front row, we head towards the 0 kilometer mark. In 2015, Fabio Aru allowed the Italian to wear the captain’s jersey at the Vuelta. .
  5. 13 hours 49. Last weekend some Dutch managed to play a home game, these are the Basque days. & nbsp; The peloton includes 6 participants from this region: Ander Okamika (Burgos-BH), Mikel Landa (Bahrain Victorious), Mikel Bizkarra, Gotzon Martin, Xabier Mikel Azparren and Mikel Iturria (Euskaltel-Euskadi). .
  6. 13 hours 42. The Vuelta peloton still has 180 villains. 2 unlucky ones have already handed over their jersey numbers in the Netherlands: Steff Cras (Lotto-Soudal) and Michael Woods (Israel-Premier Tech). & nbsp; .
  7. 13:40. We started slowly, although the riders first have to wait for a 6km parade until the official turn signal. & nbsp; .
  8. Match started 13h39
  9. 13:27. Do I want to be the next leader? You really don’t have to. This captain shirt creates a lot of extra trouble. Better take the bus once you’re done. . Seb Cos (Jumbo Visma).
  10. 13h 15. The mountain classification currently has 3 entries: Julius van den Berg leads with three points, Thomas de Gendt (2) and Thibault Gernalk (1) closely follow. Today we can have shifts in this side classification: Puerto de Obacua is a Class II (5-3-1) climb, Puerto de Herrera is a Class Three (3-2-1). .
  11. 1 pm 13. The shirt wearer. Red: Edoardo Affini Green: Sam Bennett Bulbs: Julius van den Berg White: Ethan Hayter.
  12. It’s 13 09. Today, riders not only have to take into account the 2,300m vertical and Basque hump, descent is an important factor as well. This is always a special technique in the Basque Country. Thus, the two favorites can also attack each other down the slope after the top of the last slope. & nbsp; .
  13. It’s 12 noon 53.
  14. 12:00 50. Vitoria-Justice. Another 50 minutes until the start in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital of the Basque Country. The double name is a Spanish compromise – Basque. Next year we will also visit here the Tour de France. Vitoria-Justice will then be the starting point for the second day of the drive to San Sebastian. The opening day of that tour will be filled by Bilbao, as we finish tomorrow. & nbsp; .
  15. 12:00 37. Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl key. On paper, this is a stadium that Julian Alaphilippe could design. The Frenchman will release many lists of favorites, but what will be his plan and that of the employer? The World Champion’s level of form is questionable and there is an internal dispute over the plan around Remco Evenepoel. Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl probably wouldn’t want to waste much strength today and it wouldn’t be surprising if a Frenchie attacked himself and wanted to join the good ride. & nbsp; .
  16. 12:00 Jumbo-Visma key. One of the many keys to this stage is the Jumbo-Visma bag. How much is the Dutch national team linked to the red? Do they want to ditch the shirt in other words not chase the inevitable leading group? This terrain is also likely to be very challenging for Edoardo Affini. If he writes Vacant Red, Sam Omen, Primus Roglic and Seb Cos will be the first heirs to the throne if there is another scenario where no one takes enough seconds and the Jumbo family ends up following each other. .
  17. 12 noon 06 noon.
  18. 11:00 41 – Basque Country. The peloton will be in the Basque Country on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, a region that adores racing. The fact that the Vuelta will be in that region in 2022 seems like the most natural thing in the world, but that hasn’t been the case in recent decades. For years, the Basque Country has always been ignored due to the turbulent political climate and fear of attacks by the separatist group ETA. In the meantime, the cards are different, but there are still long fingers that it is better not to advance. The Spanish police inspectors who took care of the Grand Salida in the Netherlands last weekend will be given a few days off. National agents are not welcome on Basque roads. & nbsp; .

ride Date Riding type Beginning of the End the total winner leader
1 Trial time team Utrecht – Utrecht 23.3 km TJV Director Office
2 road racing ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Utrecht 175.1 km Bennett Teunissen
3 road racing Breda – Breda 193.2 km Bennett convergence
4 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Vitoria-Justice – LaGuardia 152.5 km Until now 147 how much
5 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Irun – Bilbao 187.2 km
6 road racingmountain stage Bilbao – Pico Jano 181.2 km
7 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Camargo – Cisterna 190 km
8 road racingmountain stage Collau Fancuaya 153.4 km
9 road racingmountain stage Villaviciosa – Les Prires 171.4 km
10 Single time trial Elche – Alicante 30.9 km
11 road racing Alama de Murcia – Cabo de Gata 191.2 km
12 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Salobrina – Peñas Blancas 192.7 km
13 road racing Ronda – Montella 168.4 km
14 road racingmountain stage Montoro – Sierra de la Bandera 160.3 km
15th road racingmountain stage Martos – Sierra Nevada 149.6 km
16 road racing Sanlucar de Barrameda – Tomaris 189.4 km
17 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Aracena – Monasterio de Tentudia 162.3 km
18 road racingmountain stage Trujillo – Alto de Purnal 192 km
19 road racingmountain stage Talavera de la Reina – Talavera de la Reina 138.3 km
20 road racingmountain stage Moralzarzal – Puerto de Navacerrada 181 km
21 road racing Las Rozas Madrid – Madrid 96.7 km
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