December 6, 2022

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LIVE: Who will paddle the first leader's jersey at the Tour de Romandie in Lausanne?  † Romandy Tour 2022

LIVE: Who will paddle the first leader’s jersey at the Tour de Romandie in Lausanne? † Romandy Tour 2022

The Spring Cycling 2022 book is closed, but that doesn’t mean the cycling year is off. With the Tour de Romandie we start the second part, where the focus is mainly on doing the lap. Who will have the best start at the over 5.1 kilometer front?

  1. 16 hours 02. 2 strong Belgians right behind each other. No rest for Quinten Hermans after finishing second at Liège-Bastogne-Liège and the packed spring at Dylan Teuns also along here in Romandie. They both leave shortly after each other. Who will brag about the best later? †
  2. 16 hours. Sergio Higuita is one of the contenders for the overall win in Romandy, but in that short lead he immediately lost 19 seconds to his teammate Schachmann. †
  3. Tension at the top. We have to get our handkerchiefs out to give all the riders a place at the top. There are currently 5 passengers within 1 second: Schachmann and Sobrero joint 1, then Georg Steinhauser (at 0″ 22), Juan Ayuso (at 0″ 74) and Mikel Honoré (at 0″ 93) .15 hr 54.
  4. 15 Hours 47. Fun time from Quick-Step rider Mikel Honoré, but he’s only a second away from pushing himself to the top of the score. †
  5. We have 2 leaders! A special case, because Matteo Sobrero came in exactly the same time as Schachmann: 6’05 “96. So for now we have two captains. Let’s see what the organization will do if this continues. Have they also scored thousands?. 15h42 .
  6. 3:30 p.m. My machine didn’t work. For Brandon McNulty, the time trial is too short to use all his horsepower. He ended up trapped three seconds behind Schachmann. †
  7. 3:30 p.m. Huys is already home. Laurens Huys was the first Belgian to finish his workday. At 6’39”, there is only one rider slowing down at the moment.
  8. 3 PM 29. 2 previous winners. Geraint Thomas is defending his title in the Tour de Romandie, but he’s not the only previous winner to start here. Chris Froome won both in 2013 and 2014. The Briton recently said he was “100% back again” after his heavy crash, although this wasn’t immediately noticeable on the Alpine Tour. Does Swiss mountain air please him more? †
  9. Shachman’s best time. It is clear that Maximilian Schachmann did not sit still during his illness. He does at least 17 seconds faster than Dario Lilo: 6’05”. Soon after, James Knox (Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl) settled in. He came in at 6’15”. † 15 h 25.
  10. First time. Dario Lillo set his first time with 6’22” on the tables. In the first part, we’re mainly looking at the times of Schachmann, Kos, McNulty, Higita and Ayusu. 15h 17.
  11. 3 pm 07.11 Belgian. At 3.23pm the first Belgian will start with Laurens Huys. Next, 10 more citizens will take action: Victor Verschaf (3:36 pm), Sander Arme (3:41 pm), Laurens De Plus (3:46 pm), Quentin Hermanns (4:02 pm), Dylan Tunis (4:4) :03 p.m.), Sebastien Grignard (4:16 p.m.), Lawrence Naesen (4.18 p.m.), Harm Vanhoucke (4.56 p.m.), Steff Cras (5.16 p.m.), and Baptiste Planckaert (5.22 p.m.). †
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