December 8, 2022

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LIVE: Will new coach Moslic Circle immediately lead to a points win over Gent?  |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

LIVE: Will new coach Moslic Circle immediately lead to a points win over Gent? | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Today’s very busy program for KAA Gent begins with no fewer than 9 matches in October. Cercle Brugge – with new coach Moslik – is the first team to try to grab points from Ghent. Watch the match live here from 4pm.

  1. First half, minute 6.
  2. First half, minute 3. With some luck, Kuipers got the ball in front of Depuetry. He can’t take the ball well and so his shot doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Depuetry is still searching for his first goal in the league. .
  3. The first half, 1 minute, the match started
  4. First half, 4 p.m. Launching. AA Gent has no streak in its league performance with 3 wins and many defeats in the last 6 matches. Can he keep the points in front of the sick circle today? .
  5. In advance, at 15:50. The success story of Ghent vs. Circle. A home game against Cercle Brugge, that was a three-point guarantee for AA Gent in recent years. In the last 7 visits to Ghent, Cercle has only been able to capture a point once. Until July 30, 2011 Gent lost at home to Circle. .
  6. Before, at 3pm and 44.3 on 21. Sergekl has only won once this season, on the second day at home against Anderlecht. Since then, she has collected only 3 points in 7 matches, with 3 draws on home soil. .
  7. Advance, 3 p.m. 43. Scoring trouble at Circle. AA Gent has not scored in just one league game this season, the previous match day at Racing Genk. In Cercle, scoring was less smooth, in more than 5 out of 9 matches he couldn’t get through. With only 5 goals, Cercle is the worst 1A student. .
  8. Advance, 15 hours 21. Ghent subject to change. Victory follows defeat. This was the changing tempo in AA Gent for six competition matches. In the last game before the international break, Gent lost in the last minute at Racing Genk, after a late header from Heinen. The third league defeat already for Gent. .
  9. In advance, it’s 3:15 p.m., and Muslic sets her own accents. Miron Muslic immediately makes a lot of changes with his debut as T1 of Cercle. DeCoster, Miang, van der Bruggen and Ueda are no longer in the starting line-up. They were replaced by Daland, Vanhoutte, Torres, and Somers. .
  10. Advance, 3 p.m. 12. Circle finds the first point(s) outside the house. Circle managed to get another point just before the international break, at home against KV Oostende. Even Al Ittihad looked like it was on course for a second league win for a long time, but gave up its 2-0 lead in the final quarter. Circle didn’t make much progress in the points division, with only 6 points, and stayed at the bottom. Outside the home, Cercle hasn’t been able to collect a single point this season. When visiting Westerlo, Standard, Genk and Club Brugge, he was left empty-handed. .
  11. Advance, 3pm 08. Two changes in Ghent. There is no Torunarigha in the heart of AA Gent. He disappears from the base just like Hanche-Olsen, although the Norwegian is on the bench. Godo and Okumo are their alternatives. .
  12. Advance, 11am 24. We have experience with such a busy schedule. We try to keep everyone active and refreshed. Gent coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck.
  13. Advance, 11 am 22. Busy program is coming to Ghent. Now that the international break is over, Ghent’s schedule is busy. The cup winner is also still active in Europe, playing his first of today’s 9 matches in October. & nbsp; .
  14. Advance, 11 a.m. 5 p.m. Has Cercle Muslic’s new trainer caused the change? After a 2-2 draw against Ostend, Cercle Brugge bid farewell to coach Dominic Talhammer. The Austrian charmed in his first run, but this season he collected only 6 points with Al-Ittihad. With the assistant Muslic, no stranger will take command. Can the Bosnian lead the visitors to win their first points today? .
  15. In advance, 11 a.m. 5 p.m.
  16. In advance, 11 am 15
  17. Prepare KAA Ghent. Davy Ruf, Joseph Okomo, Michael Ngado Ngadjoy, Bruno Godot, Matisse Samoise, Hong Hyun-seok, Vadis Ojidja Ofoy, Sven Combs, Alessio Castro Montes, Laurent Depuytre, Hugo Kuipers
  18. Create Circle Prog. Radoslav Majici, Jesper Daland, Boris Popovic, Jean Marceline, Louis Torres, Dino Hotek, Charles Vanhout, Leonardo da Silva Lopez, Olivier Deman, Kevin Denke, Thibault Somers
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