December 4, 2022

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Living More Comfortable and Energy Efficient: This Makes It A Reality

Imagine a home that wakes up with you as soon as you open your eyes. The lights come on, the blinds open and your favorite music starts playing. Bee Centrallux You can go to downtown Nijmegen to make your home smarter. Would you like to view all options? Then come to the open day on October 8th!

Centralux, formerly known as Controlux, is the home automation center. You will also find in the beautiful building on Sint Annastraat Bang & amp; Olufsen: for all photo and sound equipment. Curious to know about the latest tools and systems that will make your life easier? Jurgen Romijnders from Centralux and Rick Thijsen from Bang & Olufsen are happy to tell you more!

Smart Settings

So what is a smart home? This house is equipped with lighting, temperature, sound and security appliances. Centralux can arrange all of this for you. Jurgen: “We guarantee that you only have to press one button to get the right vibe.”

For example, think of the place for a fun drink with friends or for a work day at home. You push a button and everything is set: the lights, the heating, the beautiful music in the background, the curtains open or closed.

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Button takes care of everything in your home | Photo: Centrallux

Safety and money saving

Very comfortable? Checks out! But it is also very useful for security and money saving. Jürgen: “By setting the lights to come on at set times, it feels like someone’s home when you’re on vacation.” What about a smart thermostat? You can regulate the temperature for each room and make sure the heating is turned off during the day. We also include a weather forecast. As a result, sometimes the heating does not have to be turned on in the morning, because the room is heated by sunlight later. ”

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everything is possible

Bee Centrallux And Bang & Olufsen, in addition to solutions for the whole home, you can also make small improvements. Think of a faster WiFi or a Samsung TV with a good, well-hidden sound system. Rick: “We like to think with you and as soon as you ask, you don’t have to worry about anything. We take care of everything, even if something is wrong.”

At work during the open day

All these are fun and good tech tricks and surprises, but how do they really work? You can find out in the store’s showroom. On Saturday the 8th of October there will be an open day and you can see the smart systems in action during the demonstrations. Or you can press this button yourself!

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Showroom Centrallux Bang Olufsen Nijmegen
Centralux and Bang & Olufsen showroom | Photo: Rick Thiessen

new product

There is also a new unveiling Bang & amp; Olufsenproduct on the program. What is this? Rick can’t say anything about it yet. Put the open day on your agenda so you don’t miss a thing! We welcome you from eleven to six and snacks and drinks will be served.