December 7, 2023

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LL22: Frenna Deluxe fires from the first second

LL22: Frenna Deluxe fires from the first second

“I want to go viral!” Frenna’s roar. Flamethrowers and star machine guns all around him are coming down hard at the same time. As if this is the highlight of his orgasmic display. Francis Jr. Edusi (his real name) has already taken over the Stratocaster (detail: not a real Fender, Squire). He doesn’t play a tune, but starts hitting the ground madly with it, hoping it’ll break. Check it out: This is only the first song from his group as an alpha opener. Where can you go then? In this way, it continues to press against the ceiling for about an hour, without really penetrating it.

Dutch hip hop domination of the streaming charts is long gone, but Fryna is still around on top of his game: He’s now a hit with “ZoĆ« Tauran” (which, oddly enough, doesn’t play). Since his wide penetration with Reset Levels II And the new wave drifted more and more away from the sound of SFB’s trap-pop, and more and more toward Afrobeat and Dance Hall.

Now we know how he does it in the Frenna Deluxe Edition: with a big squad and an incredible amount of speed on the set. But: also with a little dynamics. He blasts out at over twenty songs in less than an hour, even if the sound cuts out halfway. His hypeman occasionally roars via adlibs on the back track, leaving very little room for spontaneous vocals for Frnna herself. Even in one of the songs, he counts from “Three, two, one!” Go to the choir. This is not necessary at all. In fact, it detracts from the feelings he is trying to convey. But it’s pretty tight and entertaining, especially when he pastes his reggae version of “Onderweg” into “One Love” and includes a famous break “Where is that party” in “Girls Stay Girls.”

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the moment:
At the end of the show introduces the band. For a moment, the band members are given space to sit in a soft Afro-movement. Beautiful saxophone melody through it. The drummer can really play the drums, rather than hitting on the backing track. Then the puzzle pieces fall into place, and suddenly there’s room for music that Ronnie Flex’s band Deuxperience can play for an hour, for example. Yes, they really can. Sometimes you yearn for some of that resting place in between all that blast. Because even Michael Bay knows that in the hottest action movie, you have to catch your breath after a bunch of blasts before going on a roaring chase for adrenaline.

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