March 23, 2023

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Logitech launches Chorus headphones for the Meta Quest 2 headphones for 100 euros – Games – News

So you are always fiddling with something else. Every time you want to turn it on/off you have to turn on/off the headphones first.

That, plus if this comes close to the outer ears like the Index and Reverb G2, it’s really good for immersion. I’ve only used the G2 for a while, I’ve had/had issues, but the out-of-ear sound is really good. You wouldn’t expect it, considering you’re wearing a VR headset, but it sounds a lot more natural than my Rift CV1’s speakers, not to mention I have headphones full/plugged into it.

I’m still with my CV1, because despite its flaws, it also has real advantages over any other headset (only the Index is the best in all respects, except for the price). But if it malfunctions, it could potentially become a task, and so far my idea was to add a HTC Deluxe Audio Strap. With this news I will likely choose one of the Oculus straps, including this one. Yes, pricey, but so are the alternatives.

Edit: The USB-C pass-through is fully charged. So you can’t get a wired link to your computer. Yes, of course Airlink is still an option, but that remains a major drawback of IMO. (And I know there are reactions to this from people who only use Airlink anyway, I’ve read a lot of issues, especially with faster Beatsaber levels).

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