December 8, 2022

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Logitech makes the luxury MX keyboard mechanical

Logitech makes the luxury MX keyboard mechanical

MX Keys is one of the most popular keyboards for those less committed to gaming. One of the features of this product is that it can be easily connected to three different devices: for example a desktop, a laptop, and a portable device such as a tablet.

to me Logitech plans to release new models in this series in the near future. There are two new keyboards in the manufacturer’s software: MX Mechanical, a full keyboard with a numeric field and a smaller variant without the arrow keys, and a numeric part that gets the add-on Mini.

Logitech calls it the “Wireless Performance Keyboard” with a very impressive touch, as well as a high degree of accuracy. The keys have to be very low so the keyboard has to be very flat. Optionally, you can fold the feet at the bottom to adjust the height.

The new keyboards come in three types: with tactile, linear, and tap keys. All of these have a different volume level and starting point. The manufacturer will follow the following color coding: click: blue, tactile: brown and linear: red. It is not yet clear whether the keys can be changed after purchase.

Just like the current MX Keys mini, you can connect these models to three different devices and there are also multimedia keys and you can even control the keyboard lighting. Both models can be connected to your computer via their Bolt Bluetooth variant or via standard Bluetooth. The keyboard is rechargeable and for this reason it is equipped with a USB-C connection. win the future Mention the price of 180 euros for the full-size version of the MX Mechanical. The price of the mini is not yet known.

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