October 3, 2023

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Long lines in Schiphol again: "What a misery!"

Long lines in Schiphol again: “What a misery!”


Waiting times at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport rose again on Saturday to more than two and a half hours. Since fewer security guards were working than planned, it took longer to allow all passengers to pass through security. So the lines were outside the departure hall for the first time in days, and the angry reactions were read on social media.

wafersource: Belgium

A Schiphol spokesperson clarified after the NH Nieuws report, among others, that the airport requested more security officers from security companies. There can be several reasons why fewer people are getting a job. For example, more security guards could have come in contact with the disease, but the spokesperson could not explain if that was the case.

Due to staff shortages in security and baggage handling, chaotic scenes in Schiphol have been more frequent this year. In recent days, the situation has been somewhat calmer, thanks in part to the actions of Schiphol. At the time, according to Schiphol, people did not have to queue outside, despite the fact that the number of departing passengers was slightly more than about 50,000 on Saturday.

Earlier on Saturday, Schiphol already warned on its website that travelers may have to wait outside under an umbrella. That turned out to be an over-optimistic estimate. In practice, people also had to stand outside the roofs.

The latter also emerges from the photos that people have posted on social media. “The line even starts outside the tent. I’ve been in line for over 180 minutes! What a misery! Someone also posted a picture of several bags left behind, with the caption ‘You’re ashamed of yourself.'”

The airport expects another peak day on Sunday, both in terms of the number of departing and arriving passengers. This means that the ranks may then have to be led out again.

Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport no later than four hours before departure. If you are too early, the check-in counter or baggage drop will not open yet. According to Schiphol, you then have to wait unnecessarily, and the airport tries to prevent that.