October 3, 2023

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look.  John (60) has had over 250 bee stings, but can still tell the story |  strange

look. John (60) has had over 250 bee stings, but can still tell the story | strange

Walking the dog suddenly became a nightmare for John Fisher, a 60-year-old wheelchair user from the US state of Arizona. They are attacked by a large swarm of bees, which results in John getting over 250 stings. He also stabbed his dog, Pippin, more than 50 times.

Surveillance footage of the incident shows how the man attempted to flee while crawling. John only has one foot, having lost the other eight years earlier due to an injury. He was outside with his sports wheelchair, but it tipped over during the attack.

The man was stabbed in the arms, eyes, mouth, ears, legs and back. He also had abrasions on his elbows from crawling across the sidewalk. John and his dog are now recovered, and the man is glad his daughter was not with him. She is allergic to bees and would probably not survive such an attack.

Killer bees

The aggressive bee was the Africanized honey bee, a species known as “killer bee” in the United States. It is a cross between the African honey bee and several European species, such as the Italian and Spanish bees.

It’s a mystery why the aggressive creatures attacked, but there were clearly a lot of them. When he opened the bag containing his clothes from the incident the next day, at least 30 more bees crawled out. The man ran over the bag with his wheelchair in retaliation.

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