October 4, 2023

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look.  Kat Kerkhovs reflects on ‘a year full of necessary ups and downs’: ‘So touching to see my two boys celebrating’ |  sports

look. Kat Kerkhovs reflects on ‘a year full of necessary ups and downs’: ‘So touching to see my two boys celebrating’ | sports

In Istanbul, they gradually finish celebrating Galatasaray’s national title. Dries Mertens (36) and Kat Kerkhofs (34) are already enjoying some vacation – today they went to a wedding (see below). It was a welcome holiday after “a year with the necessary ups and downs” in which they left their familiar life in Naples for a new adventure in Turkey.

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For Mertens, it was his first national title and he enjoyed it immensely with his family. The Red Devil relaxed during the ceremony, with son Ciro Romeo (1) in his arms and wife Cat at their side. Mertens’ parents were also on the field for the occasion. Marijke and Hermann, whom Dris is so grateful for driving him everywhere as a little soccer player. The couple’s clique of friends, invited by the Kirkhovs for a weekend in Istanbul, were also there.

It was the culmination of an eventful season, but above all a beautiful one. On Instagram, Kerkhoves, who married Mertens in 2015, looks back on the past few months.

It seems that “last summer moved us all our lives.” Suddenly the three of us are in this gigantic city. We knew the necessary ups and downs, but we threw ourselves wholeheartedly into this new experience. (…) It was very touching to see my two sons celebrate the title, especially when I think about how we got here last year. Dries, I am more than proud to have stood by your side for the past 20 years. I’ve worked hard and I won’t take it for granted. You deserve all the credit.”

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Mertens had a great share in the club’s title, with six goals, three assists and plenty of game minutes. Fixed value for his coach Okan Boruc. The Red Devils signed a one-year contract in Istanbul, with an option for an additional year. According to the Turkish Federation, this option was officially lifted last month. According to the union, Mertens’ current contract in Türkiye runs until May 31, 2024.

Dries Mertens, Kat Kerkhoffs, and son Siro went to the wedding today:

Dries Mertens with his son Ciro.
Dries Mertens with his son Ciro. © Instagram

Kat Kerkhovs with her son, Siro.
Kat Kerkhovs with her son, Siro. © Instagram

. © Instagram

look. Dries Mertens celebrates his first national title with the crowd

Kat Kerkoffs’ wife congratulates Mertens on his 36th birthday: “I still love the final”