June 5, 2023

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look. Luca Precel greeted festively at his snooker club alongside his girlfriend Laura: ‘It’s surreal’ | Luca Brecel wins the World Snooker Championship

Homecoming in style. After Luca Bressel let go of all the brakes following his Snooker World Cup triumph, he was received with due respect at Genk Snooker Club last night. “What did my pint of world champ taste like? It sounded the same, too.”

look. Luca Brecel received a festive reception at his Genk snooker club

Luca Precel arrived at his home port just before 9pm: the “Reilly Inn” snooker club in Genk. Along with his girlfriend Laura Vanoverberghe, around 50 friends and members welcomed the new snooker world champion. He nailed the final match against Mark Selby, the night of the accompanying party and the long road through Calais with Queen’s “We Are the Champions”. He didn’t say a word, but shook a few hands.


It’s been really busy weeks with a lot of stress and I needed my comfort zone again.

Luke Brissel

On top of that, Brecel kept it quiet, with Kasteel Rouge and some meats from the roast. What does that taste like, as world champion? “As before, you know,” Brecel laughs in the video below. “It feels good to finally be back in my familiar surroundings. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. It’s been a really busy weeks with a lot of stress and I needed to be in my comfort zone again. It’s okay with being tired. I don’t tire easily when I’m traveling anyway, and it might My girlfriend took care of the ride. It was surreal to enter here as a world champion. This is the club I started at and I know everyone here. A very nice feeling.” (Continue reading below the photos)

look. Brecel in the snooker club: “It’s surreal to enter here as a world champion”

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Previously Party with Selby and Hendry

Although Brecel had small eyes. After his final victory, he still partnered with Mark Selby, his World Cup final opponent, among others. The two tenors even posed for a photo together, both with beer in hand. Reportedly, Selby also requested Queen’s song “We Are the Champions” from the DJ.

As icing on the cake, Bressel bumped into his idol, seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry, at an after party. Hendry even asked Precel for a selfie and the new world champion clearly didn’t say “no” to that. “You know you’ve succeeded when Stephen Hendry asks you for a selfie,” Presell proudly wrote on Instagram.

Priscilla selfie with Hendry.
Priscilla selfie with Hendry. © Instagram

When Pressell went to bed just after five, he was more than happy to take the World Cup under the sheets. After the last night of the party, Brecel will not soon be back at the snooker table. In the interview shortly after he was crowned world champion, The Belgian Bullet said he would “mainly enjoy being with family and the routine at home in the coming weeks and months”.

Precel crawled under the sheets holding the World Cup.
Precel crawled under the sheets holding the World Cup. © Instagram

look. Pressel was crowned world snooker champion

Selby and Prixle pictured, beer in hand.
Selby and Prixle pictured, beer in hand. © Twitter

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