February 1, 2023

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Looting in US by closed supermarkets after historic snowstorm: ‘Take what you can get’ | abroad

After the “historic blizzard” in the United States, residents are looking for food, medicine, and other essential goods. The American media reported this. In Buffalo in particular, which has been turned into a “war zone,” people are panicking. Roads are closed, electricity is cut off, and many supermarkets remain closed.


NBC News, ANP, Belgium

Heavy snowstorms have caused a lot of problems in eastern New York, especially around Buffalo, in recent days. At least 27 people were killed in and around the city due to the snow and hail. Tens of thousands of people were without electricity. Blizzards have killed at least 57 people across the country, according to NBC News. This death toll is expected to rise further.

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In Buffalo, the two largest supermarket chains have been closed since Friday. “No shops open. It takes what you can get, Scott McCandless, a local resident in a Buffalo suburb, told NBC News. “Christmas dinner mainly consists of toast. But in the morning, I got worried when they ran out of bread and eggs. The number of cans also began to dwindle.”

When his driveway was cleared of snow, he went to look for food, but everything in the area was closed off. He said, “I gave up.” Hotels have also reported running out of food supplies.

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In Facebook groups, desperate residents are trying to find help, such as extra diapers, medicine and baby food. “Little food, we are trapped in our house,” wrote one with four children. “I started to panic a bit when I looked outside and saw that it was snowing more.” It is not clear when major supermarkets in Buffalo will reopen.

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US President Joe Biden authorized federal aid for New York state on Monday. Temperatures are expected to rise in the coming days. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul called the storm that hit Buffalo and the surrounding area the “most destructive” in the city’s history.

More aviation misery in the US in the coming days

The misery of flying will continue in large parts of the United States in the coming days. Southwest Airlines CEO said Monday night in an interview with “The Wall Street Journal.” Of all the airlines, the low-cost carrier faces the most inconvenience.

Southwest Airlines expects it will only be able to operate about a third of its flights in the coming days. CEO Bob Jordan called the mass cancellations “the largest scale I’ve ever seen.”

On Monday, Southwest, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, canceled nearly 3,000 flights or 67 percent of its offerings, accounting for nearly three-quarters of all cancellations in the United States, while most other flights saw delays.

This has even led to criticism from the US Department of Transportation, which has an “unacceptable” amount of canceled flights and that Southwest’s service will come under scrutiny. In contrast, Delta Airlines canceled just 8 percent of its flights on Monday.

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