February 1, 2023

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Loredana Launches “Eurosong 2023”: “An Allergic Reaction Almost Ruined My Participation” | showbiz

Loredana de Amicis will be in the Euro 2023 final on Saturday. There, the head of Team 2 Fabiola is doing everything possible to get the coveted ticket to Liverpool, where the Eurovision Song Contest is being held this year. Although her engagement was hanging by a thread. “I lost part of my voice because of the allergic reaction,” says Loredana.

It started. Tonight, Loredana de Amicis (36 years old) was the first to perform her two songs. At “La Petite Fabriek” in Tournai, she sang “Dream in Colors” and “You Lift Me Up” to fellow contestants. Partly thanks to their advice, Loredana chose her second show. With this number, she will head to the Paleis 12 in Brussels on Saturday, where the Eurosong Final will take place. “I’ve been a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest since childhood,” Loredana explains. “I also really researched music, and got to know a lot of great artists like Celine Dion. In 2014, Pat and I got a taste of competition with “She’s After My Piano.” That was an incredibly fun experience, which also left us a “summer hit.” It tasted like more.When it became known that there were pre-selections again, I took my chance. It voila.

However, things go wrong with the involvement of the Italian Limburg Nightingale. “A few days before I had my throat shot, I got sick,” she says. “I have a food allergy, and I can’t eat anything with nuts in it. I probably ate something in a restaurant that had sesame oil in it, and my body couldn’t take it. I had an allergic reaction, which also spread to my sinuses. Because of this I partially lost my voice.” So you could say the adventure started on the wrong note. (laughs) But I made it through, and I’m taking that fighting spirit to the final game. In addition to that, I also try to get enough sleep, exercise, and take vitamins to stay in shape. I can’t. To say a lot about her yet, but we also have a surprise in store for Saturday. Pet the hamster wheel, you say? Who knows (laughs)”

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planning problem

Loredana certainly isn’t short on Saturday theater expertise. “It was a difficult period,” says the singer. “Pat and I had a very busy summer as 2 Fabiola, and I also had a lot of gigs as a solo artist. We also had a few TV recordings. We enjoyed it all immensely, but believe me: sitting still wasn’t an option.”

If Loredana wins on Saturday, her agenda will revolve around Liverpool from then on. She says this also has consequences on an emotional level. “Pat and I were planning to get married this year, but it’s going to be more difficult. (Laughs) Well, with a tight schedule, it will undoubtedly work out. And if not, we’re moving to the altar a little later. Although I shouldn’t. I’m very much forward with the facts: Let’s wait and see what happens on Saturday. Do I want to say something to the audience about that? Vote with your heart, and choose the entry you genuinely believe in. And suppose it’s my number, I’m really grateful.”

“Eurosong 2023”, this week every time at 7:45pm on One.

Loredana’s favorite Eurovision entries

1) Lauren – “Euphoria” (2012)

2) Umberto Tozzi & Raf – “Gente di mare” (1987)

3) Sandra Kim – J’aime la vie (1986)

These numbers are a snapshot for Liverpool

* Loredana: “Dreaming in Color” and “You lifted me up“.

* Shirin: ‘Ça m’ennuie pas’ and ‘Mon étoile’.

* Hunter Falls: “Home” and “Oh La La”.

* Princess: “Armageddon” and “Carnival”.

* Drag ceremony: ’emotion Ollie’ and ‘t’inquiète’.

* Gustav: “Because of you” and “the nail.”

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* Starlings: “Oceanside” and “Rollercoaster”.

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