December 6, 2022

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Lorena Webbs, Enemy Sensation, Trades DSM for SD Worx |  Cycling

Lorena Webbs, Enemy Sensation, Trades DSM for SD Worx | Cycling

Lorena Webbs already hit during the opening stage of the Women’s Tour de France and only on the Champs-Elysees leaked that she would be ending her current contract with DSM early.

Wolverine Whips, who has already won 17 times this season, uses a clause in her contract.

She can leave early if she receives an improved offer from another team, as stipulated by her new employer, SD Worx. “After joint consultations, we came to an agreement with the DSM,” it seemed.

He will sign Speed ​​devil Wiebes until 2025 and form a trident at SD Worx with Demi Vollering and Lotte Kopecky.

Sports director Danny Stam maintains that there is no doubt about Kopecky’s departure and that the duo will not always get in each other’s way.

“With Wiebes we go to the real sprints, while Kopecky plays in the somewhat heavier competitions. I also see the talent in Wiebes develop more.”

“The strength of our team has always been that we initially with many toppers next to each other. In addition, more and more competitions are being added to the women’s cycling calendar. It also means that we will increasingly be riding a dual program and more in it. You should invest.”

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“I have been dreaming for years to be part of the best UCI women’s team with many of the best players in the world that I can support as well,” Lorena Webbs said.

“In principle I would have liked to stay with my current team, but I received an offer from Team SD Worx that offers many possibilities.”

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“I look back with pride on a time that was very useful and successful in Team DSM. I am trying to make it a successful residual of this season.”