March 30, 2023

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Luca Briselle: “I still have 20 years to reach my full potential” |  snooker

Luca Briselle: “I still have 20 years to reach my full potential” | snooker

It looks like Luca Brecel has been playing at the bottom of snooker for centuries. Yesterday he showed himself again by sweeping the floor in the 1/16 Finals with outstanding player Stephen Maguire. “Maguire’s 6-0 win is a fantastic result,” says Briselle.

Prissil thinks he’s taken steps. “My way of playing has improved a lot. I’m becoming more professional. I can’t set an example, but I’m more disciplined and I train more.”

“I’m still an attacking player, but I’m getting smarter and I’m also trying to copy Mark Selby and John Higgins.”

“Even, like today, going 4-0 up, I reset the counter and focus on the next frame. In the past I went to pot many times, now I use my safe game more.” That proved against Maguire, because Brecel didn’t need high breaks to win.

The Belgian continues his dream of the absolute championship in snooker. “I’m only 26, but it’s crazy how much experience I really have at this level. I keep learning and trying to learn something from the other players. I have 20 years left to reach my full potential.”

But only the UK Championship is important now, the most important tournament after the World Cup. “Can I win this tournament? Sure. If I have one advantage, it is that I am not afraid to win. Even under pressure I can empty the table. I have a lot of courage and you need that to win the tournament to win.”