February 6, 2023

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Luminus sets prices on the first fixed power contract

Energy company Luminus announced prices for the fixed power contract it has been offering again since this month.

For a family of four, gas heated and living in a house with terraces, Luminus estimates monthly energy costs at €301.49, good for an annual bill of €3,600. This is evidenced by the pricing simulator on the Luminus website.

Thus, this so-called “Comfy” price is about 30 euros more expensive than the cheapest Luminus, the Comfyflex variant that promises the “best price”. For a similar family, the monthly cost is €272.16.

‘One Fixed exchange rate Provides peace of mind. On the other hand, it makes sense that a fixed contract is more expensive than a variable contract, says Luminus spokesperson Niko DB. With a permanent contract, the supplier must guarantee the provision of energy at the same price throughout the term of the contract, without the possibility of the supplier canceling it.

Whether a perpetual contract is interesting depends on how the energy markets develop in the coming weeks and months. If those prices continue to fall, the variable contract, which evolves with energy prices in wholesale markets, could be cheaper. By comparison: According to Vreg, the Flemish energy watchdog, families who entered into a new contract in December had to factor in an annual bill of about €5,090, or about €425 per month. Luminus doesn’t (yet) follow the example of other power companies.

Do not rush

Meanwhile, consumer organization Test Aankoop warns against haste, as analysis of Luminus’ new price tags showed that constant prices per kilowatt-hour for electricity rose 13 to 19 percent compared to January 2022. For gas, there was stagnation or even comparison to January 2022. Compared to January 2022. The Aankoop Tester welcomes the fact that Luminus is once again offering permanent contracts, but advises against choosing such a contract too quickly. She recommends being patient and waiting for the price tags of other service providers to be published as well.

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