February 2, 2023

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Maasik couple at risk of 30 months in prison: 'No money, but nice trips to Dubai' (Maasik)

Maasik couple at risk of 30 months in prison: ‘No money, but nice trips to Dubai’ (Maasik)

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A Maaseik man and woman each face the risk of 30 months in prison for farming 175 cannabis plants. According to the public prosecutor, the lavish standard of living relative to their income was particularly striking.

Shawnee DeVerm

On January 20, 2020, Masekennar stopped the Mercedes for inspection. Customers discovered 280 plants in the trunk. Based on this discovery, a search was conducted at the man’s home. “An entrance to the attic was made behind a concealed door. There were 175 more plants. The electricity went out,” said the public prosecutor of Tongeren. His wife also knew about the farm. It looked like: “She went to Holland with her husband to buy soil for planting.” According to the public prosecutor , the luxurious standard of living was also unusual, given the couple’s income.”They had little money, but they took trips to Dubai and Mauritius.”

According to the public prosecutor, the facts have been established for both the man and the woman. A prison sentence of thirty months and a fine of €8,000 each is required. The electricity company filed a civil suit in the amount of 6,972 euros. Accordingly, it involves five breeding cycles.


The couple’s lawyer denies that the woman knew about her husband’s practices. “She says her husband has two left hands. Then he said he works as an electrician. It seems the lady doesn’t know what her husband can do.” A suspended sentence is required for the man. With regard to the high standard of living, things are getting worse. They had a good income, but this man made the mistake of wanting to earn more and more.”

The verdict will follow on December 19.

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