February 2, 2023

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macOS Ventura brings animated Memoji to your Mac

macOS Ventura brings animated Memoji to your Mac

With the arrival of macOS Ventura, it is possible to add animated Memoji to your lock screen. It’s a great way to customize your Mac, as you’ll come across your own Memoji every time you turn on the machine.

Time for some brewery life? Setting your own Memoji as your profile picture will bring it to life. Your Memoji will show different emotions and move in a circle until you finally unlock your Mac. Of course there will be a smile when you finally open the device! This is how you set it up.

Animated Memoji on macOS Ventura

go to the System Preferences and open Users and groups. Select your profile picture and click in the left panel memoji in. Then tap the Memoji you want to use or create one with the plus symbol. in tab pointing to You can customize your Memoji’s facial expressions style You can add a background color. If necessary, zoom in using the slider at the bottom left. When you’re done, press Memorizes.

When you boot up your Mac with macOS Ventura, your Memoji are already waiting for you. Soon enough, it’ll be a little impatient for you to unlock your Mac. If you enter your password incorrectly or use the wrong finger for Touch ID, your Memoji will change and even look a little annoying. This also works for Animojis on the lock screen.

MacOS 13 Ventura in a nutshell
MacOS 13 Ventura in a nutshell (photo: Apple)

What’s new in macOS 13?

The latest version of macOS appeared in October this year and is already there macOS Ventura 13.1 has been released. This version of the operating system brings a number of cool new useful things. For example, there is Freeform that you can use to develop ideas and take notes. You can also share these paintings via FaceTime to share and discuss your creativity with others.

additional macOS Ventura Stage Manager brings to your Mac. This feature changes the way you look at your windows. Apps and windows that you don’t use for a while are placed on the side of the screen. According to Apple, this should make it easier to switch between different apps. Spotlight also gets smarter and you can use a Easily use your iPhone as a webcam.

New iPad and Apple TV models, but where are the new Macs?

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