December 6, 2022

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Macron and Zelensky argue over concessions to Putin

Macron and Zelensky argue over concessions to Putin

Zelensky and Macron when everything was still a cake and an egg. © AP

French President Emmanuel Macron has been trying to talk to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to no avail. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday. He says it is “not true” that Macron is ready to make “diplomatic concessions” to Russia.


“You should not look for a way out for Russia, and Macron is doing it in vain. I know he wants to achieve results in mediation between Russia and Ukraine, but it seemed that he did not get one,” Zelensky told Italian channel RAI 1 Thursday evening.

And the Ukrainian president added: “Until Russia itself wants and understands that the war must end, it will not look for a way out.”

On Monday, Macron said that in order to end the war waged by the Russian army in Ukraine, there must be peace without “humiliating” Russia.

But Zelensky calls it “not right” to allow Putin to “clear his name” at a time when Russians are still trying to control southern and eastern Ukraine and new atrocities are emerging every day.

The Ukrainian president also said that “the time to sit down with Russia is over.”

Nothing is promised

On Friday, the Elysee responded to Zelensky’s allegations. The President never discussed anything with Vladimir Putin without President Zelensky’s approval. He has always said that it is up to the Ukrainians to decide the terms of their negotiations with the Russians.”

After several talks between Kyiv and Moscow in March, the talks have since been suspended and no new negotiations are planned for the time being.

But Zelensky reiterated his desire to meet Vladimir Putin. “But only with him, without any medium. A man-to-man conversation, and chief to chief.”

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