March 28, 2023

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Macs and iPhones will soon be able to skip the captcha when logging in online

Those who will soon have iOS 16 on their iPhone or macOS Monterey on their Mac will have to fill in a captcha often.

At the WWDC 2022 Developer Conference, Apple presented a file technique Introduced for iOS 16 that clears up the “Prove you’re not a robot” puzzle. The fully automated generic Turing test for distinguishing computers and humans from one another (captcha for short), has been around for some time and in various forms. Think of a garbled word that you have to type or the boxes with traffic lights that you have to point to. Sometimes it causes irritation because the content is not always clearly legible.

Captcha exceeded

This will not be necessary if you are an Apple user. Automatic verification is the name of the technology that the iPhone manufacturer developed with Cloudflare and Fastly. This works with platform-specific access tokens. iCloud allows the system to verify your Apple ID and the device you’re using. This information is stored in the background as an icon. This proves your “humanity”.

Apple is trying to reassure privacy-conscious users in one way. With automatic verification, no sensitive data or IP addresses are logged and the tech giant won’t know who’s skipped the CAPTCHA tests.

There have already been beta periods for both iOS 16 and macOS Monterey, but external OS updates won’t officially appear until the fall.

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