December 2, 2022

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Major commercial work for the United States began at the Brussels chemical company Soulway

Major commercial work for the United States began at the Brussels chemical company Soulway

Our country’s Indigenous Trade Mission to the United States officially opened this Sunday in Atlanta. Solvay, a Brussels chemical company, welcomed delegates to their brand new laboratory. The head of the delegation came to open the Princess Astrid Laboratory.

Indigenous work is aimed at encouraging Belgian companies and attracting American investment to their home country. In the presence of Princess Astrid, a delegation of about 500 companies, about 130 companies from Brussels, will travel from Atlanta to New York and Boston over the next seven days.

The plan includes company visits, group discussions and official meetings – all aimed at drawing the Belgian market’s attention to the United States. The United States is already the most important export market for Belgium outside of Europe and the United Kingdom. This indigenous mission was the first and second largest outside of Europe since the beginning of the Govt crisis.

The work was officially opened on Sunday with a visit to Soulway’s new laboratory at their local site in Alberta, Georgia. Solvay CEO Ilham Qadri said the reception was a great honor. Local Soulway staff stood at a long fence as they waved Belgian and American flags for Princess Astrid and her entourage.


Solve has been active in the United States for some time. It has 5,400 employees and the country accounts for a quarter of their net income. Over the past four years, Solvay has invested more than 30 million in the site in Alberta, which also has a new innovation lab, which is now open for three months. In that laboratory, new, stable materials are created by 3D printing and immediately tested for hardness, strength, flexibility and other characteristics.

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“This is the latest example of Soulway’s growing presence in the United States and our continued investment in innovations to ensure the future of clean movement such as electric and hybrid cars, low carbon aviation, green hydrogen, circular economy and other improvements. A more sustainable community,” said CEO Gadri.

Although Solway is a large and well-known company, many small companies are involved in the work. “Of course we want to support start-ups and SMEs and open up new markets,” said Brussels Secretary of State Pascal Smed ( “The whole purpose of this work is to find investors to bring to Brussels, but also to give Brussels investors the opportunity to find markets in the United States.”

During this process, the Brussels region will particularly highlight its sustainable real estate sector and the FinTech sector such as female entrepreneurs and online payment systems. The visit was also a small personal celebration of Princess Astrid. She surprised her birthday cake.