July 16, 2024

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Major support software companies from the United States

Major support software companies from the United States

Hack Software Investor Main Capital Partners will open a branch in the United States later this year. The private equity firm wants to support its European portfolio companies in the North American market. Bram Kaashoek, one of the managing directors of Maine, says this in an interview with Computable.

Is looking for a suitable location on the east coast of Main America, says Kashok. As Managing Director of Market Intelligence & Performance Excellence, he is responsible for a team of data scientists who provide market information to the investor. He also guides and supports consultants in the development projects of Mainz portfolio companies.

Creating a local network

“East Coast is more practical for us than West Coast”

‘Our focus is on North America’, Says Kashok“Some of our portfolio companies are mature enough to want to expand them. Our outlook on the United States makes us more attractive to potential portfolio companies.” According to him, the US team should build a local network, gather the best practices and assist in market entry and acquisitions.

The investment company wants to be located on the US East Coast instead of the West Coast where many technology companies are located. ‘The East Coast is very practical for us. You can travel there fast, the time difference is small and the technology market is less populated than the West Coast. ‘

So far, Maine has focused on participating in IT companies in the Netherlands, the German-speaking region and Scandinavia. However, the focus on the United States has been in the air for some time nowLast December, Textkernel, one of the Dutch flagship companies, acquired its Texan rival Sowren. Both companies offer machine learning hiring tools.

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